I have very delicate sensibilites.  If you don’t have anything nice to say…send me an email and we can be friends.

indecorous AT hotmail DOT com

(sorry no linky, I’m afraid of spiders)


3 Responses to “Contact”

  1. Beth Wood Says:


    Thanks! I can’t wait to see it! The pic of it is beautiful! Hopefully it will get here before we leave for our anniversary trip to Hawaii. 🙂

    I wish I could say the name Zoe came from Gorilla Zoe, but it didn’t. Actually, it is my gaming name which I got from Zoe on Sesame Street. I know, dorky. I just love her in her tutu! It reminds me to use my imagination, no matter how old I get. It seems as if adults lose it at some age and never get it back. To me that makes life sad……life with no imagination. I guess it is safe to say that in “my world” I have a beautiful color sky that makes me smile. Just what color is it called as the sun is setting and it has the orange, red & yellow blended together? Anyway, I can’t wait to see the necklace!

    Thanks again,

  2. i would be eternally indebted to you if you could help me find a pattern that appeared on etsy. a pattern of a fertility goddess the picture was in red. thank you .

  3. Site’s looking good!! But, I have to admit that I’m a little lost – where is the “blog” part? I’m sitting in an airport with nothing to do and was hoping to catch up on my blog reading 🙂

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