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Elimination Communication Breakdown

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Made by Mommy.  The "Flaming Wreckage" diaper.

Made by Mommy. The "Flaming Wreckage" diaper.

I love cloth diapers.

I know.  What a ridiculous thing to love, right?  But if you ask any mama who does it nowadays, she’ll probably tell you the same thing. 

Not only are they easy to use (no, really – they are), but they are ridiculously cute!  Crazy cute.  And who can resist an already adorable tushie that is covered with soft goodness in your favorite colors?  Makes the Charmin look unappealing at best.

Yes, the cult of the cloth is firmly entrenched in even the mildest of crunchy families.  But a new cult is forming.

It’s called “Elimination Communication,” or EC for short.

Basically, it means that you pay attention to your baby’s signals and learn when they need to eliminate, then you take them to the potty and let the potty begin.  There are also cues you develop to let baby know it’s okay to shake the dew from her lily or let loose the bowels of hell.

I’m all for being close to your babies, listening to them and trying to understand what they need.  I think it’s absolutely necessary in fact.

But maybe there are just too many distractions in modern life for this to be really workable for me.

I ask my friends who do this if there are accidents, and the answer is always, “Sometimes,” but she will sort of look at the floor, or her eyes will suddenly start darting around as if the woman is contemplating chewing her arm off to get away. 

Because she doesn’t want you to know the truth.

In my house, within seconds of taking off the diaper, there is poop on my floor, or I get urinated on, and not in a good way.*  I just figure some airing out does a body good now and again, but dammit, every time I let him go commando I have a mess to clean up.

There.  If I can admit it, anyone can.  Except I guess not everyone has that whole  “lack of shame” thing going on like I do.  So unless I can get some serious help up in here and have time to do absolutely nothing but stare into my baby’s eyes all day…well.  I know not what others may choose but, as for me, give me diapers…

or give me a maid.



*I’m kidding! About there being a good way to be peed on, I mean.  Like I really had to tell you. 


The Great Caffeine Crisis of 2009

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I was very proud of myself for finding all the necessary pieces of my cappuccino machine this morning.  As you know, if you read this post, this is no small feat.

Of course, it’s not working properly.

And now I’ve spent so much effort putting it together, I no longer have the wherewithall to make coffee.

So due to the lack of caffeine, I will not be posting today.  Check back another time, or bring me some Starlight Cafe goodness.

That is all.

Beating a Dead House

Posted in Homemaking Made Easy with tags , , on April 26, 2009 by Ms. Ex

I have made no secret of my lack of housekeeping skills.  In fact, in a moment of folly I even posted photos.  Photos, people!

The Parent Bloggers Network is having another blog blast this weekend, compliments of Pledge Multi-Surface Cleaner, and I’m flouncing my shame around in public in honor of the event.

I sit right now in the middle of an architectural disaster.  A hundred year old house makes dust bunnies that reproduce faster than regular bunnies.  Coupled with my apathy about things like dusting, I could start some kind of farm here, if I thought the bunnies wouldn’t get lost amid the clutter.

So how do I clean?

Mostly, I move stuff around until I can reach a surface.  Then I wipe with whatever is handy – sometimes it’s a washcloth, sometimes a sponge, sometimes a shirt.  If a child happens to be wearing the shirt, it’s a bit more of a challenge.

Today I loaded up the truck with donations for a local thrift store.  I think I’m finally ready to let it all go.  I figure once I can find all the surfaces in my house, I’ll be more likey to clean them.  I do have one question about the Multi Surface cleaner, though.

Can I use it on the kids?

Carnival of Play: Water Play Activities Part II

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Children’s play is their work, and there is no reason it can’t be yours, also.  I have found some simple ways to include the kiddos in my chores, and this is my absolute favorite.

This is part two of my Carnival of Play post, inspired by Annie at PhD in Parenting.  Unfortunately, my floor-cleaning hasn’t happened in the last couple of weeks (don’t tell anyone) because I’ve been so busy, so there will be no pictures quite yet, but here is my super, secret, special way of getting my floor sparkly clean!

Sweep first.  Of course, one should know this, but if you clean house like I generally do, there’s a chance you might not.

Then gather together a bucket or basin of warm water, a bunch of rags and/or sponges, and a non-toxic cleanser of some kind.  You can actually use baking soda, or vinegar.  Mixing them essentially just gives you water and salt, though, so just use one.  I just use Seventh Generation free-and-clear dish liquid.

Dress the children (and yourself!) in something that you don’t mind getting wet.  Because friends, we are about to get wet.

Let the kids clean the floor.  Let them get soapy and wet and squishy and puddly.  Get that water on the floor, let them slide around on it (on their bottoms to prevent falls), let them squish the sponges and towels between their toes.  Have them “scrub” the floor with their cloths, and don’t worry about excess water.  But don’t let them have all the fun; get down there with them and slip around.  Experience the warm water, the bubbles, the silliness.

When you are finished, you will all grab a couple of old towels and push them around the floor until you’ve soaked it all up.  Maybe it will take three towels, or five.

In my book, an extra load of laundry is a small price to pay for a clean floor and two happy children.

I realize my parenting style is unconventional.  It’s not for everyone.

But if you need to work, and your children need to play, it seems like a pretty good plan to find ways to meet in the middle.

Happy cleaning playing, and while you are at it, check out these other excellent posts from the carnival of play:

99 Bottles of Blog on the Wall

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Interestingly, my biggest motivator and friend, Melissa, is also celebrating her 100th post TODAY!  I guess we both started taking our writing more seriously about the same time, only she was much more disciplined than I was for a while.  Then she started nursing school, and with four kids and a husband to take care of – let’s just say I caught up.  For now.

For my little celebration, I’m doind a round up of my favorite posts.  Mostly funny, I think, but I’ll let you be the judge.

Just keep it to yourself if you disagree, mmkay?

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P.S.  Thanks for all the love!

Reduce, Reuse, Reincarnate

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I recycle!  Yes, I do.  In fact, you might say I have a bit of a problem.

I’ve have been asked, and answered with complete seriousness, the question, “Are you keeping this dryer lint for a project?”

I won’t tell you how I answered.

It all started with using wool as a cloth diaper cover.  It worked so well for my heavy wetter, I could hardly believe it.  It became my cover of choice, and with a little research I learned how to take discarded wool sweaters and turn them into rockin’ baby pants with almost no skill involved at all.

Gradually, I realized that I could make more than just pants – I could have matching sweaters!  Hats!  Wool appliques!

It’s easy to see now, in hindsight, how a person with my proclivities might get carried away.  A Goodwill sweater here, a silk shirt from a pile of junk on the side of the road there – you see where I’m going, right?

Before long, I had a stash of historic proportions.  The thing is, the more I bought, the more I realized I could do with them.  I started using the scraps to stuff toys (and knitted breasts, but that’s another post), I use the larger pieces to make little embellishments for hats.  I started buying clothes made from gorgeous fabric and making something I would actually wear.

It’s not that I don’t buy anything new.  My kids have regular clothes, in among the pants that I mended with fabric I rescued from the thrift store and the recycled sweater pants.

But I dress them in cashmere.  I have awesome diaper bags that I made from castoff place mats.  I have a baby bib I made from a Sublime tee shirt.  I have the coolest kids on the block, in my book.

When I walk into a clothing store and see row after row of all that fabric, I wonder where it will end up, and why we think we need so much.  It makes me nauseated, dizzy, the overwhelming choice of it all, when just down the road, if you can spend just a few minutes digging, are bargains waiting for new incarnations.

Even if you can’t sew, there are amazing things to be found in a thrift store.  And I’m not saying you have to buy your under drawers at the Salvation Army, honey. You can buy tee shirts from the dollar bin, cut them up and use them as cleaning cloths.  Make a reusable shopping bag from an old Sex Pistols shirt.  Fly your freak flag with pride.  Or buy that designer skirt you’d never be able to afford in real life and don’t ever tell a soul where you got it.

Buying thrifty is just one way to make a dent in the crazy amount of waste that happens in this country.  It cuts processing, which involves chemicals, as well as transportation and other environmentally damaging parts of the clothing industry.  And when you only spend  a few dollars on an item, you can afford to buy more!  It’s a win-win situation.

Another great way to reduce your impact on our earth is to use environmentally friendly cleaning products.  SC Johnson has developed a new line of cleaners that are designed to actually, you know, work while still retaining their eco-friendly personalities.  They are called Nature’s Source and I can’t wait to try them.  They, along with The Parent Bloggers Network weekly Blog Blast are the reason for this post.  So, uh – check them out.  Right after you send me your wool.

We Are Not Alone (in our messy houses, even if you don’t count the squirrels and the action figures)

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Yesterday I got to laugh a bit while taking a break from writing about depression when I came across Her Bad Mother’s post about house cleaning.

I’ve been pretty clear about my skills in that area, but I haven’t been what you might call…transparent.  She posted pictures!

So in a show of solidarity (and maybe just a bit of competitiveness for the “don’t use her bathroom award”) – I’m posting some of my own before pictures, because I plan to fix it.  Soon.  Like maybe tomorrow.  Or the next day.  Or surely by next month.

In fact, I think I will do a video series.  Maybe the pressure of knowing you will be watching me will help me stay on task and finally organize this house.  Or maybe I will end up needing a second zip-lock baggie to hold all the meds.  We’ll see.

Drum roll please…

My back is to this mess while I write.  It's the only way I survive.

My back is to this mess while I write. It's the only way I survive.

The little circle on the table is Beckett’s musical toothbrush.  He likes the variety of leaving it odd places and having me look for it every day.  The string is the remnant of an invention.  No, not the invention, but something similar.  The great big circle is the to-do pile of sewing and paper crafting and other stuff that I want to do but I’m too damned busy taking pictures.

Preschool teacher's nightmare.

Preschool teacher's nightmare.

Here we have a baggie of felt I need to ship for an Etsy customer, and just below that – my kids’ favorite toy.  Tampons.  They were my daughter’s, because for some reason she won’t use cloth pads, but now they are just another weapon in the arsenal of “what can we play next, mommy?”.   The little, tiny circle at the bottom?  That’s my cappucino machine.  You put your appliances where you want, and I’ll do the same, mmkay?

My sacred space.

My sacred space.

This is the cluttered corner of hell peaceful oasis in which I sit when I type all this tripe, since my laptop is unbearably slow now.  Chained to a desktop – can you believe it?  The view on my screen is one of Her Bad Mother’s photos.  And you know, looking at her house I got jealous.  I thought, my house could be that tidy!  Really!  If I just had some help.  And some cute, modern throw rugs.  But what really gets me about her house is the book tossing.  Here, the best my kids can throw is a Richard Brautigan, or a Chuck Palahniuk.  Her kids get Bukowski and Derrida, for crying out loud!  I need to work with them more.

Anyway, the rectangular plastic container holds beans from the great bean extravaganza of 2009.  I should throw them away, but why?  Maybe we’ll use them again.  Next to it is my bag of mother’s little helpers.  All legitimately prescribed to me – and totally ineffectual.  Then some random shit is circled,  and I quit, because there’s just too much to look at here.  Where do I start?  The wine glass from three nights ago?  The paper towels with coffee grounds in the tube?  It’s just too overwhelming.

I think I’ll go tackle a project now.  I feel motivated.  Or maybe it’s tired.  Something like that, anyway.

And in case I need to say it – no, you cannot use my bathroom.