Every Good Food Needs Its Own Dance

I was looking for something specific, something not related to food at all, but as so often happens around this vast pseudo-informational wasteland, I ended up with this.

People who are good at making up funny song lyrics should always make videos, too. Hint, hint.

Now I’m off to make some tabbouleh with the tomatoes from my garden. Enjoy.


11 Responses to “Every Good Food Needs Its Own Dance”

  1. I cannot express how happy this video makes me! Anyone who rhymes “yum yum” with “bum bum” is ok in my book.

  2. OMG!!!! I need to go dance my way into the kitchen and make some!!!!

  3. Did he say “Taboulleh makes me shake my doody??”

  4. I am in love with this man.

    I’m talking the real, true kind of love.

  5. Thanks BKT, that was amazing! I love that kind of music. While I was in Morocco, I was listening to the best shit ever on the radio. After I came home I found tons of Moroccan and Algerian music (including rap) that I loved. Then I lost track of it all. I can’t even remember the names. I searched youtube for 3 hours the other day and couldn’t even find one of the songs. You just reminded me of my falafel. I mean failure!

  6. Tabbouleh makes me shake my booty too

  7. Man Ray and FJ in your Tags….cool.

    When I was a kid we called Evil Knievel, Awful Falafel.

  8. Hahaha!

    Oh, you.

    Only if you star in them! 🙂

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