Sharing Means Caring

I was in my neighbor’s house the other day when she came home.  She walked in with all her groceries and was all like, “Uh, what? What are you doing in here?”

And I was all, “Well, I like your house better than mine, and I noticed you were gone, so I thought I’d play here for a while.”

“But, but…this is my house! You can’t just come in here without being invited.”

“But you weren’t using it. See? It was just sitting here and you weren’t using it. So what’s the big deal?”

“The big deal is that it’s mine! I worked hard and built up a good credit rating and saved money so I could buy it. It’s very special to me, and private, and I’m happy to have you over some time but you can’t just come in whenever you want!”

“But I can’t afford a house this nice, and your stuff is cooler, too. And plus I’m just bored with some of my things and would rather mess with yours. I didn’t do well in high school so I didn’t get into college, so I never got a very good job. I’m a single mom with four kids and you only have three so you have more money. Why can’t you just share?”

“I didn’t do well in high school, either. In fact, I nearly flunked out. I went to college as a single mom, working nights and surviving on four hours of sleep a night so I could get a decent job. Now I’m $20,000 in debt.”

“But you don’t even work now! You must be rich to be able to choose to stay home. So whay can’t you just share your stuff?”

“We are not rich. We make choices that allow me to stay home with our kids because we believe it’s important. We drive crappy old cars and buy clothes at the thrift store. We use coupons, not food stamps. My husband works seven days a week.”

“Oh. Huh. Well, I still think you should share.”

She sighed and, shaking her head, ushered me out the door. I don’t see what the big deal is. I’d give it back after I was done.


17 Responses to “Sharing Means Caring”



  2. Well said!

  3. It would seem like a simple principle, huh? Apparently we are all out of common sense for the simple things around this here US of A.

  4. So is borrowing a cup of sugar out of the question?

    • I’d gladly share my sugar, and in fact often do. And milk, and wine, and childcare, and rides…all sorts of things. But I would prefer it if you didn’t just come in and take it, and if you left if up to me whether to do it or not.

      And also, what are you making? I’d love a cookie if you make extra. 😉

  5. This isn’t true, you made this up, right??? OMG, don’t tell me you actually said this???

  6. Hmmm….sounds like what’s been coming out of Pennsylvania Avenue for the past year.

  7. This is the exact same thing that happened to me!

    Only difference was that when she came home I happened to be passed out in her king-size canopy bed. I couldn’t help it, it’s not often you get to sleep on 1000-thread count Egyptian cotton linens.

    Damn selfish neighbors.

    • If you spend the night with me you can sleep on 1000-thread count Egyptian cotton linens. I buy my clothes from the Goodwill, but I’m very persnickety about my sheets. Of course, we don’t have a guest bed so you’ll have to sleep in my bed, and the kids might wake up in the night and climb in there with you and ask for milk, or water, or water balloons, or a puppet show, or tell you their tummies hurt. Then when you tell them to be quiet and go back to sleep, they’ll cry for a while. Very luxurious, yes?

      I buy the 1000-count because they block sound better.

      • I’m in!

        But only if you have satellite TV in your room. And the materials required to make a kick-ass hand puppet. Not to brag or anything, but I happen to pride myself on my puppet-master skills.

        • bschooled, can you come and help the diversional therapist at the gimcrack? we need a good puppeteer

        • Something about the idea of a puppet master sleeping in my bed is very…well. Let’s just say it sounds like something that belongs on Myra’s site. But yes, I have ample puppet-making supplies. Am I not a crafty gal? Yes. I am. Crafty. Very crafty. And I do have satellite TV, but the TV is a 13″ from the 1990s. Sorry. My tech desire limits itself to computers and phones.


    I would laugh so much if i found you in my house. then get a little scared as id hope that mum would be ok with having friends over! But all are welcome and as you said, sharing is caring!


    Happy Haiku Monday BKT!


  9. Sounded a tad like Goldilocks and the 3 bears…

    I’ll bring my collection of little rubber bugs and they can play with the puppet master … while the rest of us are sleeping on those divine sounding sheets.. I want some..

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