Soul Shattering Pain Broken By Moments of Indescribable Beaty

Humans are a terrible invention, really. But there are moments when we make up for it.


10 Responses to “Soul Shattering Pain Broken By Moments of Indescribable Beaty”

  1. so wonderful, but so sadness!

    always amazing!


  2. I’ve never seen anything even remotely like that. It was awe-inspiring, Amazing! Where did you find that clip? I know YouTube, but I mean under what?

    • An acquaintance of mine in Scotland posted it to his Facebook profile. I’ll have to ask him how he came across it. I imagine it’s one of those viral things. I just cannot stop watching it. Performance art, story-telling, passion, sadness, history – what a remarkably original way to communicate.

  3. I’m with Scott – have never seen anything like it

  4. I don’t know if it’s the same artist, but you can look under “Sand Artist” on youtube. There is an artist by the name of Ilana Yahav who does very similar work. Pretty incredible whoever she is!!

  5. Saw something at the Underground Railroad Freedom center that was a sand animation. Amazing but looking at this live was incredible.

  6. Thank you for sharing. That was incredibly beautiful and moving. I am speechless.

  7. Awesome and moving, cool find.

  8. Wow. There are no words.

  9. Hi. That was very beautiful. Very moving. I went to Youtube and there are many more from her and others. Thanks for posting it. I’m trying to figure out the specific story being told — obviously a WWII story. I have a Russian/Ukraine friend. I asked her.

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