Barely Knit’s Innards

Well, not my innards, exactly, but those of my purse, are featured over at Sweats Model’s blog.

Warning. Some of my fans have dirty little minds and are wreaking all sorts of havoc in the comment thread.

There, that’s my disclaimer. Now go, enjoy yourselves.


9 Responses to “Barely Knit’s Innards”

  1. You have great things in your purse! I cant have a purse as im a manly man as mum says!


  2. Damn fans.

    On the list.

  3. Yes. Damn fans. Barely Knit got into a tad bit of trouble for flirting. Flirting! Can you imagine??

    (Don’t answer that. It wasn’t real trouble, just a territorial claim-staking, which is very sexy. Hear that, Mr. Barely Knit? I said you’re sexy! ;))

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