The Incredible Shrinking Blogger

Ha! Don’t I wish!

No, folks, I don’t mean my waist line.  That would be great, but I’m actually talking about the blog itself.

See, I have a problem.  I spend way too much time writing and commenting around WordPress, and not nearly enough time on other things. Like say, sleeping. Writing things that might make money some day.  Showering. You get the idea.

Plus Mr. Barely Knit Together is gone for three and a half weeks doing army reserves summer adventure camp annual training, leaving me in charge of a surly teenager, a large dog, and two small, rabid wombats.

So  I’m curious to know how few posts I can get away with per week.  How long before you grow tired of checking? Are we at that point in our relationship where I could take a week to go off by myself to that cabin in the mountains and not have you worry that I’ve found someone else?

And how about my commenting? Will you miss me, fellow bloggers?  Will I eventually be forgotten, replaced by some shameless hussy who steps in to fill my comedic place? (I’m keeping an eye on you, Claire Collins)

This is not to say that I’m even capable of showing any kind of restraint when it comes to…well, to anything really, but mostly to following all my amazing blogger friends and replying to my sarcastic, cynical readers adoring fans.

So what do you think? Can I take a whole week off?  Will my stats suffer? My god I’m obsessed with mice tats.  Uh, I mean my stats.

I would really like to hear from you. What would it take to keep you happy in my absence? Do I need to give away prizes or something? Make big promises of joy and money upon my return? I could just occasionally upload random photos of my exploits.  “Barely Knit Together makes her morning coffee!”  “BKT brusing her teeth!”  “Barely Knit herding cats!”

Maybe this will be good for me.  Maybe I’ll actually start to interact with real people whom I can see in real life and touch and hear and connect with.

Nah.  Forget it.


42 Responses to “The Incredible Shrinking Blogger”

  1. Jamie Stanek Says:

    See ya when you get back. Enjoy the sabbatical.

  2. Quality, not quality wins the blogging race….so give it up for a bit, your raving fans will be anxiously awaiting your return to receive their prizes (laughter)!! 😉

  3. I’ve been reading…here and on Twitter. Will we lose you there too?

    When my internet went down, it was scary and good. I enjoyed remembering what it was like to do other activities. 🙂

    Maybe you can leave occasional photo posts the way funtamentaljelly does when he takes off.

  4. I used to post like a madman and comment like a madman.

    Now I schedule post every other day (usually got a months worth of stuff written in advance at any given time. For example, I got stuff scheduled until mid July), and works out just fine.

    I do take the occasional sabbatical and as long as I let my readers know that I’ll be back within a prescribe period of time, the blog survives in my absence.

    Enjoy the leave of absence. We’ll still be here for ya whenever you’re ready to shred the blog world again.

  5. You know you want us to tell you that we can’t live a day without you. LOL

    But seriously, I like G’s idea above. If you can’t contain the urge to blog, throw something out to appease us that you’ve already written.

    As a person shooting for a facebook-free week, I am behind you 100%. Want to go to an AA meeting with me this week ?

    • I think we should start our own group, you know, with all the spare time we’ll have now without Facebook and blog. We’ll do it between the writers’ group, the art market, the children, the husband, and the Infinite Summer, which might be part of the reason for needing time off. 😉

      • I do seriously have to go to the AA mtg (for school) but I wasn’t seriously asking you to join me. But yeah, let’s change the world this week. I’ll pencil it between group therapy at Mundy 3 and the completion of the Great American Novel.

  6. Real people are over-rated.

  7. the more you write, the better you will be. that is not necessarily true of sharing what you write. if you are a bit obsessed with your statistics, etc, then likely, you have already found a formula that works for boosting your hits/comments/etc. that’s not a bad thing, but it is limiting. i’m not suggesting you are intentionally gerrymandering, but a sabbatical is always good. i really do love my little blog. i love writing and having a place to put what i have done. it is not, however, everything i am doing…it is not even really representative of all i’ve got going on. i have made a commitment to myself to keep up with it because i’ve got a nasty habit of starting things and letting them fall by the wayside. it can’t be everything i do, though. because, well, then it’s everything i do. writing for an audience is fine…but writing for yourself and taking your audience somewhere unexpected, that is far finer a thing…a much different skill.

  8. I feel ya babe. I’m in London and I’ve spent way too much time worrying about posting, commenting, and facebook. Actually it really wasn’t too much time, I’ve cut it down to less than an hour a day. But if you have to take time off, I’ll sure miss you! I’m also going to be much busier in real life as well, but I know I’ll see you soon. Real, real soon!!

  9. BKT, you gotta do what you gotta do. My advice (for what it’s worth) is take all the time you need. Of course we’ll miss you terribly, but we’ll be here when you’re rested, recharged and ready to return. (Wow, that’s a lot of ‘r’s!”)

  10. Alan is right of course. I have been going through the same thing (for different reasons) and my response was to post Work-Space photos and some of my own photography. Honestly, I have ‘written’ just two posts in the last month. Like you I hated giving up all the hard earned traffic, but that’s life. You may consider dialing it back to a couple posts a week (a photo and a short piece maybe). Your call.

    Based on my own experience, I think telling folks in general how long you will be absent helps. Good luck with it, FJ.

  11. You gotta bathe now and then. However since your husband is gone you don’t have much of a reason to. Really you just have to spritz the parts, if you know what I mean. Take time for yourself either way. People don’t leave they do come back and check you out. Sometimes when people stop for awhile it gives me time to go through the rest of their posts. I’ve spent whole evenings reading a blog from start to finish. Go ahead take a week but that’s all you get!

  12. If you take a week off, ill have to take a week off!

    Then again, i almost had last week off because of the interwebbing problems with the internetworks! SILLY COMPUTERS!

    Everytime i post, i read yours, alans and Mr Mill’s pages. So if you go, ill have 2 out of 3 things to read!


  13. using the advance post thingy for photos is a good idea. I’ve been taking a month off every year since i started and it doesn’t really seen to affect stats too much.

    I think readers can tell when a blogger’s heart isn’t in – that’s what makes them stop visiting. Take a break to catch up on all those other things. We can wait a week or two 😉

  14. I’ve only just discovered your blog but I pledge to come back in a week and make up the numbers if someone drops off!

  15. I just took most of the last two weeks off and I don’t think anyone noticed. (I was kind of hoping for the earth to come to an end).

    As most have already said, it’s good to get away from the keyboard and pursue other vices like random sex, drugs, and petty theft.

    We will still be here when you get back.

    • I just click around on your site to whatever catches my fancy. I’m sure you’ve noticed that I comment on old posts a lot. I’ve said before, you post so frequently I’m always missing one or two.

      And I think I pretty much took care of all those other vices when I was younger. In fact, I think I took care of enough for the both of us. See you soon, darling.

  16. If you take time off, then who will keep an eye on me?

    Besides, I thought we were tag teaming?!

    I only post a blog about once a week. (Sometimes only once every two weeks) I do it whenever I have time. I do try to go comment at least a little every night.

    • I’m obsessed with commenting, Claire. I’m sure you’ve noticed. 😉

      And yes, we must keep ol’ Alan on his toes. He’s a tricky one, that old dog-faced boy. So stay on top of it (ahem) if you would, while I rest my laurels, or recoup my resources, or reinvigorate my riting. Er…writing.

  17. Ram Venkatararam Says:

    I would be interested in the “herding cats” photo. A series, actually.

    But I agree with Nurse Myra. I think you can tell when someone’s heart isn’t really in it.

    Take a break if that’s what you need. It feels good.

  18. When George Ford moved…I filled in as his evil twin for a week responding to commenters. Maybe Claire can be your evil BKT for a week.

  19. It was easier for me to keep blogging during the dreary winter. Now that summer’s here, gotta go! I’ve been enjoying my hiatus sooo much. Try it for a little while and see if it suits you. Statistics, shmatistics, who cares. You know we’ll all be here when you get back.

    Another blogger I recently “met”, Hairballs on the Carpet of Life, went on break at the same time I did, so it seems almost common. As others have commented, just let us know when you’ll return. * sips Pina Colada * Cheers!

    • Mmmm. Coconutty. Yes, summer and the pool beckon. As do housework, childrearing, and the occasional spritzing of the girlie bits.

      See you soon, and thanks for popping in, Marissa!

  20. Pretty cool post. I just found your blog and wanted to say
    that I’ve really liked browsing your blog posts. In any case
    I’ll be subscribing to your feed and I hope you write again soon!

  21. I use Google Reader so I don’t notice absence as much as I celebrate presence.

    I love your writing and will miss you here, but if you stop Tweeting I’ll come kidnap you. And I will NOT take you to Sugar Mama’s bakeshop while you’re here either. Well, I probably will. I’m kind of an empty threat, fun loving gal.

    Oh wait – prizes??


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