Wordless Wednesday, of Sorts

I just like it.  It does something to me.

And the next song I just can’t get anywhere.  So here’s a link. It’s worth a listen.

Am I too old for slam dancing?  It makes me want to ride around blasting it with my feet out the window drinking a Milwaukee’s Best.  Maybe I’m just too easy to please.

And probably Tannerleah or Capitalist Lion Tamer will be along shortly with their discerning ears to tell me it’s crap.  But I don’t care, because I love it!


9 Responses to “Wordless Wednesday, of Sorts”

  1. I\’m sure Kings of Leon is a really good band. However, out my way in Connecticut, one of my local radio stations is getting ready to play them to the point of annoyance, simply because they\’ll be performing next week (I believe) somewhere locally.

  2. I like Kings of Leon. \”Use Somebody\” is a great song too

  3. You are not too old to slam dance or ride with your feet out of the window, but you are definitely way too old to drink Milwaukee’s Best. Once you hit the elderly age of 17 it’s time to retire ‘the beast!’ I only say this for your own good. Unless you love pissing out of your ass and a band of evil dwarfs doing roadwork in your brain for the entire next day. So for the love of all that’s holy; retire the beast!
    You have good taste in music!!

  4. I love that song too. I can’t listen to it or play the video at the moment because it’s after midnight and my husband’s sleeping but my daughter’s awake and on the floor of my bedroom. *sigh* I only have to get up in 5 hours. No worries.

    Damn I wish I could listen. I’ll come back tomorrow. Yeah, the song does something to me too. Maybe it’s his voice? I’m going to find the one Nursemyra suggested and see if it’s the voice that does it.

  5. i heard that song once on the radio last year. As soon as mum heard the lyrics, she turned it off and said that i should never listen to it as its rude and that its not for Bobby-Made ears!

    I dont understand the lyrics, but thats nothing new! LOSTL!


  6. thefeministshopper Says:

    I have no idea why, but I’m in love with that Sex on Fire song — but I saw them on Leno/Letterman, and I wanted to punch every band member in the throat. They are SO contrived (this coming from an ex-career musician in the same genre as they are). Ughg… stupid boys with their stupid high heeled boots and their stupid, stupid shaggy hair. Hate it!

    But I love that song. *shoulder shrug*

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