You Might

You might know a boy who seems like trouble, who drives wrecklessly and punches walls.

You might know a girl who thinks she is too fat, or too awkward, or too uncool, and it bothers her more than you think is realistic.

You might know a man who drinks like a frat boy though he’s ten years too late for it, who is running from some pain or anger over a deep hurt.

You might know a woman who struggles with fears of inadequacy, who has scars that she tells lies to explain, who seeks attention in inappropriate ways, who laughs to cover the damage from something she can’t even remember.

All these people are around you.  Sometimes you see it, and sometimes you pass it off as being irresponsible, slutty, childish.

Those are just words meant to hide from the truth of what life and people can do to someone.  Life is so hard.  Trust is shattered, spirits are squashed, bodies are damaged, relationships are forever broken.

But these people are not broken in any way that is unfixable.  They might just not understand that they are worth fixing.

A few years ago, a group of people became determined to help a friend who needed it. They began a story, a movement, that is still playing itself out in our world.

The movement is love, and it goes by the name  To Write Love on Her Arms.

There’s nothing I can say any better than they say it themselves.  Many of you know why this organization is so close to my heart.  As a surviving friend of more than one suicide, and someone who has tried to make an early exit herself, any group that recognizes how much people hurt and how much they – how much we all – need help, deserves my support.

Every single time I see one of their tshirts, or get a Facebook message about their recent activities, I tear up.  I see those words and I think – someone understands.

To write love on her arms. To write it on her arms, where she used to write the hatred and fear and brokenness.

So I’m asking for you to consider the people around you. Is there someone you know well, or maybe barely know at all, that you think is suffering?  Can you see through the craziness and outrageous behavior to what is the heart of the matter? That we are all people, inadequate and struggling without always knowing how or why?

Reach out.  Tell someone you love her and she matters to you and why. Tell someone you appreciate the value he adds to your life.  And if you simply can’t, consider supporting a group that does.


22 Responses to “You Might”

  1. This is so important. Thanks for spreading the word and I’ll retweet.

  2. Thank you – it’s true – none of us truly knows what is happening behind the other person’s smile or sneer.

  3. Very true. It is important that we take the time to remove our blinders and see those in need. “Those In Need” To hear that makes you envision some horrible picture of humanity’s downfall that the news has shown from some distant country, but in reality there are many who silently cry for help. I just want to thank you for helping bring to light this issue. You are truly a wonderful person who is changing lives with a wonderful blog.

  4. My daughter suffers with this addiction, and I am so tired of people (even psychiatrists) trying to say that it is an attention-seeking behavior. It’s NOT. It’s an Addiction and the more awareness it receives, the better. I really liked the piece you re-posted last week that said, You are not a “cutter”. You are a person, and you are a lot of good things , too. Thank you, and PS- I love you. You are special.

  5. I remain, as always, so very impressed by you. Lovely post.

    • And I remain honored to have your impression. Oh, am I allowed to be funny in this post? Maybe not. 😉

      But really, it touches me that you think so highly of me. Thank you.

  6. Nice BKT, you have a great heart, and it shows, for reals. Your friend, FJ

  7. Beautiful, eloquent post! It’s awesome that you are spreading the word! I will tweet and check the group out on FB too!

  8. we had a cutter at the gimcrack. once she got away from the terrible circumstances she was living in she was able to stop. the scars will always remain though, and not just the physical ones. An important subject to raise awareness of

    • That’s so good that she could get past that self-hatred. It’s not easy, and often we get into those terrible circumstances for the very reasons that we also hurt ourselves. It’s all self destruction, I guess, whether slow or fast. Thank you for coming, Myra.

  9. Thought-provoking post, BKT. Thank you, dear, for reminding all of us that we all have chinks in our armor, some are just deeper than others. Hugs.

    • Than you, Sweats Model. Reminding others is rather self-serving of me, but I have come a long way in being able to handle criticism and hurts. I know not everyone has, and I know how much hurt is possible for anyone. Glad you stopped by.

  10. I love you – you are special!

    Thanks for reminding people to be sensitive to others’ pain.

  11. Great post and great cause. It makes me think of the disrespect that happens via the anonymity of the internet. I have seen such cruel words spewed at others and I always wonder how the recipient handles it.

    • That same thing occurs to me also. I think we are all so quick to judge without really knowing what burdens someone else carries. I don’t mean we should tiptoe around each other, but that we should acknowledge that there are different ways of doing things. Just be aware of how you would want to be treated. Thanks, YnB!

  12. woowoomama Says:

    ah ms bkt. i just knew i knew you somehow. if you know what i mean.

    this post is fantastic and twloha appears to be as well. rock on with your bad self.


  13. that was a lovely post barelyknit! Such sadness yet such joy and love! its truely Lovely!

    I hope your weekend was lovely, much like you are!


    • Thank you, Bob. It’s always nice to see you. My weekend was nice, thank you. And now my week is off to a great start thanks to your kind compliment!
      I hope you’ve had a good Monday. Wait is it Monday there? I’m always SO confused about these things. 😉


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