Hell Desk II: The NOT Resolute Desk

Hey, look – I’m famous!  Or at least, popular.  Or maybe just interesting in a “how unfortunate” kind of way.

But my work space was featured on my friend Fundamental Jelly’s blog, complete with fun explanations, amusing insults, and general frivolity.  Go on over and join the melee.


12 Responses to “Hell Desk II: The NOT Resolute Desk”

  1. This is the Fire Marshall. It has come to our attention that you have a non OSHA regulated power cord hanging on your heater.

  2. Thanks for writing, I really enjoyed your most recent post. I think you should post more often, you obviously have talent for blogging!

    • Why thank you, My Amazing Weight Loss Story. I’ve been working on honing my craft and trying to post consistently. So by “more often” I guess you mean you want me to slave away here in my flouncing uncomfortable chair 10 hours a day. Which is so practical. I appreciate your thoughtfulness in suggesting I post more often.

      And you’re cute, too, so the flattery is extra special.

  3. Ram Venkatararam Says:

    Robot spam from bleached blondes about amazing weight loss!?!

    Hang on…


    Locusts…..uh huh….

    Ah…yes, Robot Spam from bleached blondes about amazing weight loss.

    I’d be hiding under the desk cause it’s gonna get messy ouside in a few minutes.

  4. Hahahahaha!

    You’re response! I’m busting a gut.

    I want robot spam from bleached blonds!

    Do I need to work on my tags? “fake boobs” anyone???

    And Ram. You’re in prison. I know you’re getting love letters from a nut job, but this gal… Well, she’s a robot bleach blonde who can help you with your weight problem. Plus, as BKT has wonderfully demonstrated — you can say anything to her and she’ll keep smiling!

    Too flouncing rich for words.

    I think we should post all our spam, remove the URLs and have at them!

    Must pull myself off floor…


  5. I like jelly. I think you guys call Jam, Jelly. ITS ALL SO LOVELY AND TASTY TOO! LOSTL!


  6. #1. I love that you have Guinness (I think, couldn’t tell for sure) in your work space.

    #2. Radiators are excellent devices for keeping cords.

    #3. My brother’s a medic in Kuwait. Glad he’s not in Iraq. Glad your husband is back.

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