Pardon our Mess

need a beer

I’m trying on some new themes for size.  I really like the old one, but I will be relocating to a new host soon and have to sort of rethink everything.

Feedback welcome, and feel free to veer off topic.


*Please Note*  My poems are randomly disappearing in the renovations.  They’re here somewhere, ostensibly under “Creative Writing.”  They are the invisible kind of poems, depending on the theme.


31 Responses to “Pardon our Mess”

  1. Ram Venkatararam Says:

    I preferred the prior theme…this one is a little stark for “barely knit together.”

    I’d love to veer off topic but for some reason I am now craving a beer and am also interested in making judgemental comments on the aesthetic choices of other bloggers.

    Off to criticize Fundamentaljelly’s banner and Alantru’s avator.


    • I’m saddened that you didn’t criticize my banner. The photo was the wrong ratio and the “No” was cropped out. The tire actually says, “No Hunting” and I completely botched it. Am I just not good enough for your disdain anymore?

      And also, I have you to thank for all these strange folk carrying on conversations in my comment threads. (And I actually do mean it – thank you! It’s been a blast. If you hadn’t stopped by all those months ago I would still be writing for no one but my best friend.)

    • I already had my doula website hosting via Godaddy and thought it would be easier. But that is not turning out to be the case, since I don’t have time to get a certificate in web design. I’m having a hell of a time getting it all straight. My focus is on the doula site right now, since it PAYS and all. But it’s not going well.

  2. I’ve written a few invisible poems in my time. I also have the endearing affectation of only performing them in sign language.

    Legs Restlessly Seeking Susan




    Understandibly, the impact of this poem’s combination of yearning and nihilism is lost in an internet-only performance. But the title says it all.

    BTW, sorry to hear your for-pay blog isn’t doing well. They suckered a lot us in with a 3-day stay at a Miami resort if we would just attend their 4-hour “Money, Blogs and You: Instant Millionaires” seminar.

    • Well, now I have to go back and edit my comment since it’s murky, at best.

      I meant that the site was for my doula business, which is the only thing that actually brings money into my home (besides my husband, I mean).

      I actually quite like the poem. Clean, spare, relevant. I think it would look nice being read beside this painting. And then torched in a demonstration of the futility of art in a post-post-modern, fascist society.

      Nicely played, CLT, and I’m honored to have you here.

  3. No, I was confused by Fundamental’s MLM-blog douling scam. “Earn Easy $$$ by Insulting Bloggers.”

    So, an actual doula. My mom had 9 kids, 6 of them at home with the help of doulas (sp?). She called them midwives but I think they’re pretty close to the same thing. Only one of them was a trained nurse, but I can’t argue with the results. Nine children.

    I’ve got three. Well, 2 and 1/2 (stepdaughter). And I feel like I’m in over my head or at least, fished over the limit.

    Thanks for the heads-up on the upcoming format change. I’ll be stopping back for sure and this should minimize my confusion.

  4. I’m disappointed that no one has commented on the photo. I took that picture in NYC last spring. Poor fellow. I know just how he feels.

  5. Man, this looks familiar…

    • Aw crap! Back to the frigging drawing board.

      • It’s a good theme. I put a burned-up car on my banner. Awesome, huh!

        And the photo: when did bums start wearing North Face? Kind of takes the whole destitution edge off. And is he panhandling outside a pet shop? This is definitely a whole new level of suburban stripmall bum. A new species, perhaps?

        “Thanks for the cash, man. Trader Vic’s wants $6.50 for a Harp. This frickin’ economy…”

  6. I’m impressed by anyone that can do any form of ‘theme’ whatsoever. My boyfriend did mine and as soon as he started trying to get artistic I went off on one about how it looked ‘contrived’
    In the end, he gave up and I have the most boring site known to humankind. Which I think sums me up perfectly.

    • Yeah, what with Geocities closed down and all, there’s really nowhere to express yourself creatively anymore.

      • Announcement: I will hereby be copying and pasting Capitalist Lion Tamer’s comments from around the blogosphere into my blog. As posts.

        I have three children and a nasty drinking knitting habit to pursue, and cannot be bothered playing this one-upmanship game every twenty minutes.

  7. Wow, another blogger who’s changing hosts.

    Please keep us up to date as where you move to. I really hate when I find a blog that I like suddenly disappears.

  8. Sorry I’m late. My dog ate my homework. And my legs. I just dragged myself by the arms here (And boy, are my arms ever tired.). Please ignore my bloody leg stumps.

    Ram called me “Alan the Dog Faced Boy.”

    Then he stole my best girl. Bastard.

    But I owe him a huge debt of thanks as well. Thanks to him, I got to meet you. Yay, Ram! Yay, me! And you’re not so bad yourself. 😉

    Wow. I go away to Omaha and everything changes. This is why people don’t go to Omaha, I would guess. But I’m a fan of change. I’m just not sure about Omaha.

  9. What a lovely site theme! Im not allowed to change mine as my friend Timmy who puts my everything everywhere says that i shouldnt. only he should. Its a good thing i like it though!

    But yours is very lovely! And blue! Very twittery! LOSTL!

    And the man in your picture needs a beer. Mum says that alcohol is a demon by the name of Alcholis and he has beer in his nipples that man likes to suckle on. I wonder if he chaffes.

    I hope you have a great day!


    • Bob,

      Thank goodness you’re here.

    • I understand lanolin is good for that sort of thing.

      Thank you for stopping by, Bob and Alan. Glad you like the new theme; I’m not sure about it myself for this site, but found I like it quite a lot for the doula site. Of course, I have no content on that site yet, but still – looks quite sharp, yes?

      And I’m having all kinds of other troubles with it. But other than that, everything is just damn delightful! I mean it!

  10. I think the doula site looks fab!

  11. I like the site. The picture in your header looks good. I am guessing that the photo of you holding the “I need beer” sign is older?

    Glad to see you shaved and dumped the flannel.

  12. Could be my aspect ratio but seems to be a lot of white space (well it is actually blue) on the left and right of the page so everything seems a little compressed in the middle

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