Too Busy Tuesday

Don’t worry; these are much better than the last video.  I’m busy cleaning and rocking out to The Clash and other stuff, so I thought I’d share.

Funny, when I got my first Clash album (that’s record album for you youngsters out there), I thought they were pretty bad ass.  Of course, I didn’t know about Sid and Nancy yet, nor how much I was going to be like one of them (except for the whole knifed-to-death thing).

Now The Clash just look like some geeky 80’s rockers.

But Sid is another story.  Right?  Right??


11 Responses to “Too Busy Tuesday”

  1. Poor Sid,

    Doomed from the get-go, he never had a chance.

  2. […] Original post by barelyknittogether […]

  3. Wow – The two single most over rated bands to come out of England. (Although I do enjoy the antics of Mr. Rotten).

    • I’m hurt. And embarrassed. Mostly embarrassed. I don’t think they produced quality music or anything. I just think they’re fun

      I’ll usually take something like your girl with the faraway eyes over them anyway.

    • And I think it also has a lot to do with nostalgia for me. Not the era, necessarily, but the circumstances of my life when I was listening to those bands.

      • And WOW don’t I sound co-dependent! What I should have said was screw you, Tannerleah! I’m taking my lame ass Brit punk videos and going home.

        Has anyone seen my self-esteem lying around? I know I had it here somewhere…

        • Don’t worry about me. As you know…I have no taste anyway. AND, I still love you just the way you are.

          • Well, I got all flattered there for a second about you loving me anyway, but then I realized you have no taste. Maybe hell is the conundrum of conveying emotive meaning in text. But I have no idea what I’m talking about and probably misused at least a couple of words in there.

            Don’t worry, I’ll still be reading your posts about implants and religion. I knew the ‘boobs’ tag would lure you in…

  4. Thanks for taking me down memory lane….. in hs I had a lot of rocker friends – mostly punk – in fact two of my hs friends are *still* rockin! Here’s a link to Adam’s band/music – it’s a little more hardcore than the Clash or Sex Pistols…

    Enjoy! (Norah was dancing and playing air guitar listening to it 🙂 )

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