Virginia Summers

I was supposed to take time off, but I give up – I can’t stop myself.  I have to tell you something.

I want to tell you what summer tastes like here, what its sounds are and how it wraps itself around you in a heady fabric of humidity and flowery fog.

I wasn’t outside tonight for thirty seconds when I got bitten by a mosquito.  Then I heard the tree frogs and their love songs in the night, and I knew we were almost there – almost to the time when everything just busts out in lush and lusty bloom and hue.

On a night like this, you could sit on your porch drinking wine or moonshine and the neighbors would come out one by one and some would join you.  And you would sit and drink and smoke and laugh until the last cigarette was gone and all the ice melted in the sultry heat.

The older children would be forgotten about, as they played in the moonlight chasing fireflies long past their bed time.  We would hear them, and let them be, just for now, like we once were.

Finally the children would sit at our feet and listen to our boasting and storytelling, listen to the soft murmur of wishes and dreams that seem so close in the moist air.  They are still so we stop noticing them; they hear our truths, set free from the secret places.

On a night like this, you can smell mimosa and its sweetness so fleeting makes you turn your head and wonder what it was.

On a night like this, sticky sweet, moody, you might forget yourself and kiss passionately in front of acquaintances.  You might slow dance in the front yard by the gardenia bush.  You might lay your blanket out under the stars and forget everything you’ve ever known.


10 Responses to “Virginia Summers”

  1. It all sounds pretty horny to me. Vagina Summers are the best.

  2. You two got the hilarious banter down pat…

    But seriously…

    That’s a very lovely piece of writing, BKT. Nicely done.

    Okay… I’ll be back in an hour for your next post.

  3. BK, this reminds me of the movies made in the 50s that paint the idyllic lives of suburban families. The memory is in the very best way – I can smell the mimosas and feel the humidity.

    I’m craving a sweaty gin and tonic and it’s only the middle of the day.

    Agreed with Alan. Lovely.

  4. Jamie Stanek Says:

    Nice. Makes me want to take a julep onto the deck, listen to the mosquitoes whine (thank you very much citronella candle) and groove on a sticky-still night.

  5. Summer sounds pretty there! So Luxurious!

    Summer is hot here, super hot. we get a lot of fires sadly. But on a night like that, you only need to sit back and take it all in.

    Im super jealous! LOSTL!


    • Wow, Bob. I must have struck a chord with you or something. You sound almost…well, like a regular guy. I mean, not that you weren’t a regular guy, but um, uh.


      Well, I thank you for the visit. Glad you liked the description. If you ever find yourself in the States, you should come here. It really is a beautiful place.

  6. That’s writing so lovely it took my breath away.

    Thanks for sharing it.

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