Choose Your Own Adventure

Look, folks. I’m taking a few days off. I have work to do and a husband gone with the “army” (like I really believe that old scheme!) for the weekend. Plus it’s Mothers Day for pete’s sake (should that be capitalized?). So I’m going to make like a mother and piss some people off.

Wait a minute, something isn’t right there.

Oh well, nevermind.

Here is a prompt. It’s better than nothing. Or is it?

Do with me it what you will.

It was a dark and stormy night.  The streets of the city, my city, shone with the shininess of a shiny penny in the gaslight lights that lit things up lightly.  I poured myself a glass of eighteen year old Cragganmore scotch, and downed it in one gulp as I rubbed the three day stubble on my ruggedly handsome yet craggy face.  It’s a pricey cure, but I was ready to drink away the…?


5 Responses to “Choose Your Own Adventure”

  1. Jamie Stanek Says:

    memory of the leggy dame who walked into my office in two steps….

  2. I used to love Choose Your Own Adventures…but I always picked the wrong ending.

    I have been reading your blog for the last half-hour or so now…I owe you one for making “work” tolerable this morning. 🙂


    • I’m honored that you would say that; I have been reading your posts lately and I’m damned impressed with your experiments and such. Plus you’ve totally schooled me in Alantru’s comment threads. I’m humbled by your presence. 😉

  3. Thanks BKT! I’m so glad you like my experiments. 🙂

    And as for the comment threads, trust me, you hold your own. That’s how I found you, actually. I follow wherever the wit leads me.

    Now I just have to figure a way to stop commenting all the time and start focusing on the real writing. Ugh…so hard.

    • I have that same problem. In fact, I clearly have no time for writing at all, as you can see from the paucity (look it up, Bearman ;)) of posts lately. But I cannot seem to tear myself completely from the comment threads. Damn comment threads. I need an intervention.
      I’ll tell you what. All of you talented, entertaining people out there just stop writing for a few weeks, so I can get something done. Is it too much to ask? Tannerleah is doing it. Why can’t the rest of you?

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