And Now, A Word From Our Sponsors

It is Therapy Thursday, after all, and I have bills to pay.  All this psychological help isn’t free.


9 Responses to “And Now, A Word From Our Sponsors”

  1. …This is Fad Gadget payback… Right?

  2. Bunny Says:

    OH MY GOD! It looks like a Saturday Night Live sketch!

    • I hope it is, but I fear it is legitimate. Was this really ever popular? This is even worse than the Solid Gold Dancers.
      Okay, so I picked a halfway decent example of Solid Gold dancing, but I had to. I LURV Debbie Harry, and she’s hawt. And of course, the dancers can actually dance, so really it’s totally different. But what the hell.

  3. I was going to laugh, but then I was afraid that the joke would be on me!

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