And You Thought I Was Weird!

I thought you might like to know what I do in my spare time, like when I’m not tickling unruly children into submission or washing away all thought of my stressful life with boxes of wine.

I fish animal skeletons out of creeks.

I caught a big one, ma!

I caught a big one, ma!

This was a deer who made his untimely exit not quite long enough ago for his flesh to be completely gone.  But he made up for dying young by becoming a biology lesson for my four year old Ethan.  Since we had found the jawbone of a carnivore only minutes before, we compared teeth and learned the difference between them.

I thought I’d draw you in with shock value, then toss you this little kernel of beauty at the end.

My kind of pedicure.

My kind of pedicure.

This is one of my favorite places in the world to be.  It’s Otter Creek on the Blue Ridge Parkway in Virginia, about 40 minutes or so from my house and just downstream from the as yet undiscovered rotting deer carcass.  If only there was a “just pause it” for days like this.


5 Responses to “And You Thought I Was Weird!”

  1. Love, love, love your pedicure! Very cool biology lesson…

  2. Neverending story Says:

    My kind of pedicure too, great biology lesson. Enjoyed your post.

  3. “I fish animal skeletons out of creeks.”

    Everyone needs a hobby.

    All kidding aside, that’s very cool. I suspect Ethan thought the same thing.

  4. Kudos BT on wading right in and channeling your inner biologist…of course I approve. When my kids were little I kept a managerie of skulls, bones, horns, teeth, and living critters as well. The kids loved it, we even managed to potty train a box turtle that wandered around our house for eight years. Not only are you a gifted writer, you’re a cool mom as well.

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