Beating a Dead House

I have made no secret of my lack of housekeeping skills.  In fact, in a moment of folly I even posted photos.  Photos, people!

The Parent Bloggers Network is having another blog blast this weekend, compliments of Pledge Multi-Surface Cleaner, and I’m flouncing my shame around in public in honor of the event.

I sit right now in the middle of an architectural disaster.  A hundred year old house makes dust bunnies that reproduce faster than regular bunnies.  Coupled with my apathy about things like dusting, I could start some kind of farm here, if I thought the bunnies wouldn’t get lost amid the clutter.

So how do I clean?

Mostly, I move stuff around until I can reach a surface.  Then I wipe with whatever is handy – sometimes it’s a washcloth, sometimes a sponge, sometimes a shirt.  If a child happens to be wearing the shirt, it’s a bit more of a challenge.

Today I loaded up the truck with donations for a local thrift store.  I think I’m finally ready to let it all go.  I figure once I can find all the surfaces in my house, I’ll be more likey to clean them.  I do have one question about the Multi Surface cleaner, though.

Can I use it on the kids?


9 Responses to “Beating a Dead House”

  1. So your household is different from any other household in what way???

  2. Poetry and photos and a “flouncing” I’m sated. Like the poem! My theory: Better to have clean poetry and a messy house than the other way around.

  3. Maybe you should try twistedknitster’s approach: She says, “What mess I don’t see it?”

    I end up doing all the cleaning.

    It’s a good system she has… Really seems to be working for her.


  4. I clean in a wind-resistant French maid’s uniform. Oh, and I ignore corners and baseboards.

  5. I find myself disturbed by the idea of you in a wind-resistant French maid’s uniform, despite the fact that I have no idea what you look like. Except for the dog head. Damn, that really is disturbing.

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