Things That Make Me Happy, and Might Make You Happy Too If You Try Them

It’s Therapy Thursday again, in case you didn’t know.  So here’s my list.  Did I miss anything?

Pink Dogwood blossoms

Listening to The Beatles

Sloppy baby kisses on the mouth

Singing badly to really loud music when I’m in the car by myself.

Squishing my toes in the mud after playing in a steamy, hot, Virginia summer thunderstorm.

Making people laugh.

Writing.  And reading my own writing, which surprises me.

Dreaming about my non-existent patio, upon which Melissa and Karyn and Emma and countless others will sit and sip wine with me while the kids play in my back yard.

Growing food.

Digging up worms.  I’m serious.  Try it some time.

Getting really, really dirty in the real dirt (not fake amusement park dirty, not sticky and ew bathroom germ dirty), then taking a nice, hot shower and putting on comfy clothes.

David Sedaris publishing a new book.



And in case you think I’ve lost my edge with all this gratitude and joy, don’t worry.  The other list is much longer.


2 Responses to “Things That Make Me Happy, and Might Make You Happy Too If You Try Them”

  1. Nice list!! I agree with you on most of those… 🙂

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