Clue Number One that Tivo has Taken Over

So we’re reading a bed time story last night, when Ethan decides he needs to go get something.

Me:  But I’m reading the story, and you’ll miss it.



4 Responses to “Clue Number One that Tivo has Taken Over”

  1. I don’t usually go with LOL. But today I’m making an exception.


    Out of the mouths of tech savvy babes…

  2. Yep, “Just pause it” is firmly embedded in our lexicon here too.

  3. Oh dear…

    You’ve got trouble brewing there!

    People today are too technology-focussed, and it needs stopping at an early age.

    I’d uninstall the ‘smartarse kid’ application if I were you, and then reboot him.

    • Nobbly, thanks for stopping by! Good god, if I had some way of rebooting children (besides the old fashioned way) I’d be very wealthy and a lot less stressed out.

      Since we will all just be heads attached to wires in the future, I see no need to stop the techno-savvy child. He’s ahead of the game.

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