Therapy Thursday: The Tell-Tale Idiot

I was just reminded by Robert over at Fundamental Jelly of a story.  It gives me a tiny, wee little chuckle when I think about it, and though what I’m doing might be considered theft of intellectual property, I’m sure enough that the person will never find this blog that I will share it with you.  It’s not uproariously funny like my usual stuff, but hey – I’m on vacation. 

This old friend of mine whose last name is Allen has an older brother whom everyone calls “Poe,” but whose real name is Terry.  When I finally asked why, he showed me a picture frame with a photo of an infant in it, engraved with a weird name.  I thought it strange that they would have this nonsensical name engraved on a photo of one of the kids.

It turns out that Mr. Allen’s boss, upon hearing that the family was expecting another child, asked what they planned to name the baby if it was a boy.

Mr. Allen, dismissively and in the spirit of one who hates his idiot boss, replied, “Allan.  Allan Poe, after that writer.”

So upon the birth of the baby, they received this frame, engraved thusly:  Allan Poe Allen.  Ever after to be called, “Poe.”

And even yet, I sometimes still miss my cubicle.


8 Responses to “Therapy Thursday: The Tell-Tale Idiot”

  1. This sounds oddly similar to a recent post I have on my blog, is that possible? Or is this that old saw…great minds thinks alike?

  2. That’s funny, and yes, it does seem to meld together some days…too many days. Thanks

  3. Don’t listen to a word he says barelyknittogether, that whole Poe story originated from a night I actually spent with Portable Paula and the ghost of Allen Edgar Poe.

    Oh, how we all laughed…

    I’m not even sure of that’s the real fundamentaljelly up above. He got rid of his clown avatar eons (or days) ago.

    It’s all rather suspicious, me thinks…

    • Frankly, I’m beginning to believe Alan, Ram, and Robert are all one person, and the reason Ram can’t write anymore is his overloaded schedule. Between Hamish industries, the convenience store, and being a wildlife biologist married to a knitter – well. It’s a wonder you and all your personalities haven’t completely lost your marbles. Hmmm. *That* sentence may need further scrutiny, but I am too busy wrestling my own demons personalities demanding schedule to hash it out.
      Gentlemen – goodnight, and good luck.

  4. Too rich! I think that theory would send anyone rushing off to bed.


  5. I take that as a compliment Barely. We’re actually three different people who have lost our collective marbles—maybe that’s what you’re tracking.

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