Shameless Maneuvering: Win Me a Trip to What Not to Wear

I share with you all what a disaster my life is, right?  Here’s your chance to help me improve one tiny, totally unnecessary aspect of it.  Vote for me to win a trip to New York City with Stacy from What Not to Wear.  I could win a $500 clothing makeover, which I desperately need, but is really beside the point, since I actually just want to escape from my sad little town for a couple of days and be ALL ALONE.  Except for the whole TV camera thing, but who’s counting?*

I promise pictures, entertaining blogs, maybe some advice from Stacy.  Whatever you want.

See, I am not above promoting myself to get cool stuff.  Is anyone, really?

Probably not.  But at least most people have the sense to be ashamed of themselves.

*I don’t actually know if this thing will be on TV.  But it makes it sound more exciting, and possibly even more agoraphobia-inducing than New York.


6 Responses to “Shameless Maneuvering: Win Me a Trip to What Not to Wear”

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I’ll head right over to vote for you.

  2. I wonder how many clothing items $500 will purchase in NYC?

    And you know you will be lovin those cameras on you, girl!

  3. Hi, I just voted for you. Why? Because you’re a knitter and I thnk knitters are cool. My lovely wife is an avid knitter… She’s cool. And, wow, does she love to knit. She frequently talks about making sure she always has a “stash” of wool… She also has her own nickname. She’s known in knitting circles as “Twisted Knitster.” How great is that? Plus, every now and then I get an amazing sweater.

    So, you definitely got my vote. Good luck!

    • Thank you for coming by to witness the madness. By any chance is your wife on Ravelry? That nickname is familiar. Send her on over – I have some posts on my stash, thought it probably merits its own blog.

  4. Hey barelyknittogether,

    My pleasure. Hope you win!

    I just asked her. She said said, “Yes. I am. Ravelry is great.” 🙂

    I’ll send her the URL!

  5. Ram Venkatararam Says:

    Sure, I voted.

    Good luck. And tell Stacy horizontal stripes are where it’s at for 09.

    See ya!

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