Why School Fundraisers Don’t Have to Suck

The other day I read a Facebook comment that said, “I want a school fundraiser that gives me something back, you know?  Something useful, like coupons.”

Normally, what I do with the fundraising sheets that have come home from our local schools is a) misplace them until the day before it’s due b) write a check for a few bucks and toss the whole mess into the recycling bin.  Unless the catalog has cool pictures in it; then I put it in the paper crafting bin and make cards to sell on Etsy.  Hey, do I look like I’m made of money?

Why can’t schools do something like this: send home a note saying, “For $10, we will only send home these things four times a year.  If you donate $20, that’s reduced to two times a year, and we won’t tell your kid that your last check bounced.  Cash only please.  Finally, for $100, not only will you not hear from us again this year, but we promise the big 64 count box of Crayola crayons will go to your daughter’s room only (and that brat who called your kid a dork will get the store brand box of sixteen).

It looks like someone beat me to the punch, however, with devising a way to raise money that might actually “give back” a little to the purchaser.  If you buy your sex toys through this program, a substantial percent of your purchase goes towards educating children in Malipampang (Philippines).  I have enough trouble with the weird search terms that land people on my blog, so I’m just going to refer you to Mominatrix, who wrote about it much more eloquently than I ever could.

So forget about $20 wrapping paper, the $15, artificially scented vanilla soy candles, and the magazine subscriptions at only twice the newsstand price!

After all, a happy giver is a repeat giver, right?


One Response to “Why School Fundraisers Don’t Have to Suck”

  1. I like your idea! The sex toys site made me laugh. I’d totally volunteer to sort orders if we held a sex toy fundraiser … just so I’d know who bought what.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.

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