Therapy Thursday: The Best Humor Links on the Web

UDATE the last:  I hereby declare Chris of Coach Mom fame the winner!  Tim Hawkins is a new one for me, and I have to say “I Work at Subway” is genius if for nothing besides his perfectly executed boy-band moves.  And the fact that my daughter loved that song years ago so I was forced to hear it over and over again made this extra delicious.  So hop on over to one of the Etsy shops, Chris, and spend your $10, which in these lean times is more like $1000, right?  Thanks for playing – hope you all got a chuckle.

UPDATE:  WordPress is smarter than I am.  Apparently, in the “suggested reading” type thingy, they added this link, and my friend Jamie insisted that I add it.  She is totally right.  Motherhood Uncensored is the bomb, and even in the rain, on the can, or in the dark of night can make me bust a gut.  So – my bad.  Add her to the list.

I’m giving myself permission, today.  Permission to wash my dishes, to make weird videos for a weight loss program, and maybe, if my co-workers are lucky – take a shower.

So on this gray day, I wish to ask you to participate in my personal therapy day, and tell me how you cure depression.  With laughter.

I’m going to give you my top three funny websites.  I almost inevitably bust out laughing when reading these, but for very different reasons.

The first one is just some random stuff this guy “Ram” writes about.  He has built his blog around the idea of a convenience store, and he pretends to be (is??) an English as a second language, foreign convenience store clerk, and all that entails.  It takes some kind of talent to convey a foreign accent in writing, but without bizarre spelling or strange forms he manages to do just that.  Visit him at The Food Here Convenience Store.  Now – go!

Next up is Cake Wrecks, which is so popular I’m sure you all know about it.  I sometimes don’t visit for several days, so I can save up the laugh.  It’s kinda like Bogarting a joint.  I mean, I think it must be like that, I don’t actually know.

Finally, there is Jo at The Modernity Ward.  Funny?  Oh my goodness.  I can’t seem to shake the image of her in denim overalls and Mary Janes striking a pigeon-toed cutesy punk stance in her fab glasses.  She talks about being a mom, being a holdover from the ’80’s and ’90’s, she talks about PCOS, about converting to Judaism…in short, she just talks about damn near whatever is on her mind at the moment.  She is very high on my I-so-want-to-meet-her-ometer.

So here’s the scoop, if you made it this far.  Post a link in the comments to the funniest shiznizzle you’ve ever seen on teh internets.  If you make me laugh the hardest, so hard I don’t feel the need to take my anti-anxiety meds today, you win a $10 credit in either of my Etsy shops: Indecorum or Wonderfully Made Stuff.  I also do some custom work, so if you have an idea for something, let me know and I’ll see what I can do.

Tomorrow, yet another Fiber Friday giveaway that comes with a warning: Naked Gringo is not for the prudish.  Enter at your own risk!

Here’s lookin’ at you, kid.


10 Responses to “Therapy Thursday: The Best Humor Links on the Web”

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  2. Colleen Says:



    Flight of the Concords, Dane Cook, SNL

  3. What a coincidence – I’m taking a shower today too! This is what made me laugh today :

    • WOOT! Colleen, I sense some wantin-the-longies-on-the-cheap here! Good stuff. Thank you for playing 😉

      And I’m not saying the contest is over yet – just so y’all know.

  4. I have to add one more of my own favorites – I think of it every time I do weird yoga moves to try to get out of the bed without waking the children.

  5. When I am bummed, ok, downright depressed, I watch this guy. The best part is I don’t have to worry about the kids repeating the things they hear!
    My favorite one on this page is called “On Raising Kids”.
    Please, don’t tell me you haven’t thought about it!

    For all those who can’t stand boy bands!

  6. All I need is some Cake Wrecks and I’m good.

  7. Colleen Says:

    Haha….No please give it to someone else. Just had fun looking at my favorite comedians.

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