Fiber Friday FAIL and Fellow Blogger Giveaway

April at Enchanted Dandelions is crafty and creative  with YUMMY sounding healthy recipes, and she’s giving away one of her cute flax seed therapy packs from her Etsy shop.

Visit her blog to say hello and you have a great chance of scoring your choice of a Headache Helper, Oopsie Daisy, or two Owie Bags.  But don’t try too hard, because I wanna win.

Now, I know I failed to provide what I promised yesterday.  Can I blame my friend’s birthday celebration which involved much chili, too many desserts, and maybe a bit too much wine?  What’s that?  I can’t hear you.  I guess that means you forgive me, right?

In order to make it up to you, I am going to start an entire page called “Make and Do” with instructions, links to knitting and sewing patterns, and some things that might be better off being burned than crafted.

So stay tuned, and don’t hate on the Barely Knit for being a slacker.


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