Dora the Explorer dolls get controversial new look

Dora the Explorer dolls get controversial new look.

Because, you know – little girls just stay little too long nowadays.

I’m starting to think Rorschach was the sensible Watchman.

Speaking of, look for a review of The Watchmen written by my even dorkier alter ego, coming soon to the Indecorum blog.  If you’re into such things, I mean.


10 Responses to “Dora the Explorer dolls get controversial new look”

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  2. [Mouth agape] Et tu, Dora?

  3. Sadly, for Dora’s Momma (does she have one?) it had to happen sometime. As the mother of 3 growing boys – 17, 14 and 12 – I can attest to that fact!
    In terms of the Watchmen – my 17 year old is a huge fan of the book and saw the movie on Friday. His comments were that the movie was good, but you had better read the book before you go or you won’t have a clue as to what is going on. Also, he said that it WAS NOT appropriate for the younger boys (ages 14 and 12) (the 12 year old, sort of drama king, whose life I ruined for not letting him go…and I quote “the hole in my heart just got bigger” moped all afternoon!)
    ~Mattie, visiting from swap-bot and relating to your good humour!

    • Superlagirl – LOL. Or cry out loud. One of those.
      Mattie – thank you – “the whole in my heart” indeed! I can see my Ethan is going to be like that. He knows how to twist the knife just so.
      I would agree the movie is not for the young, and that it helps if you kind of know what is going on, or if you grew up in the 1980’s. I will deliver more soon as promised. I’m battling computer issues and polymer-clay-blade-sliced-through-the-fingernail problems . As delightful as it sounds, I assure you, and a bit of a long winded blogger typing problem. Thanks, all, for the funny feedback.

  4. It’s kind of a sad thing to see people try and rush children into growing up these days. I don’t have children myself but personally I don’t think Dora would be the same Dora if they remade her this way. .. I mean.. there was just something really refreshing about seeing a girl her age be as adventurous and curious about the world and not care about whether or not she looks cute in a skirt. (sorry, i’m seeming ranty, probably)

    As for Watchmen.. there are definitely some “not for kids eyes” scenes in it that were surprising to me even though I’d read the book already. I loved the movie though. It was nice to see it so well translated to film.

    • Not ranty at all! Thanks for the comment. I agree – though I find her generally annoying, I appreciate that Dora is a tomboy (like me). Now I’m not so sure I want my kids watching her at all. And I would say The Watchmen is not for kids for a multitude of reasons. I did enjoy it, though.

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  6. I am so disappointed to hear about the Dora make-over. Is Diego next? Will he be the new studly football jock? Geez. I mean yes, our kids grow (dammit) but as they grow the find NEW things to occupy their time. If all the preschool shows grew with the audience, I think Big Bird would have croaked years ago.

  7. Jennifer Says:

    Viacom = evil

    Me = glad not to have tv. I’m not paying $$ to have that crap imported into my house. I know it’s just a “tool” and we can just turn it off, but I don’t have a cabinet of unopened bags of Fritos and sealed cartons of clove cigarettes, either.

    And to think…manufacturing all hidden away in China to boot.

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