Calling All Thirty Somethings!

Look, y’all – I need help!

Tomorrow is my friend Melissa’s birthday.  She will be 36 whopping years old (OMG, that’s old, right?)

Anyway, here’s what she was doing in the 90’s:  having small children.

I mean, they came out as babies in the usual way, but she had four of them, starting very young.  And every couple of years, just when things were getting less poop-covered, she had another one.

She home schooled them, she made these awesome creative projects with them like little doll rooms from shoe boxes, she read with them, took them to the library like a Baptist takes her kids to church, and acquired the most awesome Lego collection I’ve ever seen (I know because my kids play with it).  She feeds them healthy food and advocates for healthy birth choices.  She educates low income pregnant women on nutrition and breastfeeding.  And now, she’s in nursing school.

In other words, she kicks ass.

The thing is, she missed the 90’s.  I don’t mean she misses the 90’s like she wishes she could have them back, I mean she TOTALLY MISSED THEM.  She has no idea what happened, has no context for pop culture references, and this makes it very difficult for me to be funny around her without getting some kind of blank look, which frankly is no fun for me.

And it also means she is a much less effective blog follower (scroll down to the comment from Melissa), since most of us have at least flashes of memory of that decade, even if they do involve watching the old black and white Twilight Zones and the original “Alive” movie at three o’clock in the morning even though the baby fell asleep gnawing on your breast over an hour ago.

So in honor of her impending decrepitude birthday, I am putting out a call for your best (or worst, or funniest, or weirdest) 1990’s memory.  Send links to photos of bizarro outfits or Emo bands (she loves that shoegazer crap), tell us about your favorite TV show or movie from the period.  Leave a comment here for me, and I will compile them into a scrapbook one coherent  story a stack of wrinkled, printed pages for her to treasure.

If she ever has time to read it, I’m sure she’ll love it.


4 Responses to “Calling All Thirty Somethings!”

  1. Hmmm. Well, Melissa’s bio sounds a bit like my own minus the nursing school 🙂 But, we did watch TV in the nineties for a while. Shows like “Touched by an Angel” and that doctor show that Jane Seymour was in. I remember vividly the yogurt ad that showed fresh milk and peaches being poured into a plastic yogurt container and my 4 year old crying because the ad showed fresh milk and peaches, NOT yogurt with jelly-like fruit. (That was when we turned off the television for a few years for the kids) We also watched Ballykissangel and listened to the Cranberries in the nineties. And, Clinton was voted into office in 1992. I remember that because I had a newborn in a sling while voting 🙂

    Happy Birthday Melissa!!! You’re still a young-in in my book – but, I know how having four kids can make you feel really, really ancient. I’m in the next decade of my life now and it’s pretty surreal.

  2. Well, I remember the 90’s, with 4 kids all teens of our own and 2-3 other living with us I was having an affair with the grocery store, the washer & my stove, my van could on auto pick up 4-5 kids at 4 apposing spots in the county within 30 min, with only 6 warnings and 0 tickets in 5 yrs! Wow, did other things happen in the 90’s?

    • LOL! Yes, I am figuring out I missed some things, too 🙂 But I was able to listen to some music then and I’m having fun remembering all the songs. Remember Sophie B. Hawkins? How about Diggable Planets? And Us3? Okay, I’m weird.

  3. What I a great idea. There were so many great movies in the 1990’s – Braveheart, beauty & the Beast, Matrix. Shakespeare in Love, Schinlers List etc…….

    Some of my favourite pop songs included – Backstreet Boys “I Want It That Way”, Ricky Martin “Livin’ la Vida Loca” and Paula Cole “I Don’t Want to Wait” (theme song from Dawson’s Creek!)

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