Buy Here Now by Ram Doss

The title doesn’t totally fit, but sometimes I’m awed by my intellect and wit so I will just let it stand.  Call it an odd juxtaposition, or an opportunity to show off my knowledge of 1980’s hippie culture and operating systems.  Did I mention I can also program in Basic?  I can make your name appear over and over on the screen in multicolor letters.  Goto.  If, then.  Repeat.

Anyway, I heard on the radio yesterday that the pilot who miraculously landed his plane in the Hudson with no fatalities addressed congress.  He was saying that he fears more dangerous skies with airlines getting rid of experienced pilots so they can pay lower salaries.

My first reaction was, “Oh no, not another plea for some kind of tax payer bailout or assistance.”

But then I realized that my bigger concern was even greater.  He is absolutely right, and this issue goes beyond just airlines or lead in toys.  For both of those things are related, and I don’t think most people ever realize it.

There is a disconnect between what we want to pay for items, and the quality we expect to get for the price.  When I go purchase a toy from Sprawl-Mart I fully expect it to be cheap in both price and quality.  I’m not looking for a $3 Waldorf toy made from sustainable hardwoods with organic fabric and soy-based paints.  And I also acknowledge that when I indulge in a cheap plastic toy it will most likely end up in the trash within a few days.  The fear of lead or phthalates or other weirdness is just too much for my obsessional nature to handle.  I have enough to worry about without following my toddler around the house pulling matchbox cars out of his mouth.

Now there is some show that has owners of foreclosed homes going ballistic.  “They were just ordinary people who were pushed too far.”  Really?  Someone MADE them buy that house that they couldn’t afford?  Somehow, I doubt it.

I’m not trying to absolve the banking industry of all responsibility for the current crisis.  After all, one would hope folks who earn a living making financial decisions would understand the theory of risk vs. reward and act accordingly.  And I’m not saying toy companies should roll out the lead-coated trinkets with no reservations.

What I am saying is this:  maybe if you want your toys to not be poisonous, and if you want to not have to forclose, and if you want to know you are in capable hands when you are flying through the air in an enormous METAL CAN, you should stop thinking you are entitled to a bargain.  Some things are hard to do. Some things are valuable.  If you want them, be willing to pay.


2 Responses to “Buy Here Now by Ram Doss”

  1. AMEN to that! 🙂

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