The Good Ol’ Snow Days

Back when I was a youngster, before global warming and all, we used to have snow SO DEEP we could tunnel through it and make igloos and we would lose children in it for weeks at a time.  It had nothing to do with the fact that I and all my friends were three feet tall – it’s ALL TRUE!

And instead of sleds, we had laundry baskets, but they weren’t even baskets they were laundry TUBS.  All plastic, no holes, because laundry always smelled like fresh air back then even when it was dirty.  And we would take those tubs out into the back yard where there were real hills, because a developer hadn’t leveled everything to make the neighborhood more aesthetically pleasing.  We would then take turns flying down the hill into the ditch valley between our houses at a sound-barrier taunting three miles per hour!

If we were really lucky, our moms would be into recycling and we would get to put those bread bags from store-bought loaves over our boots and rubberband them around our legs, so no snow would ever get in there.  No blood, either, but at least they weren’t wet and cold.  Well, wet, anyway.

And playing in the woods with your friends on a snow day when you were four years old was no big deal, because if someone took you, your parents knew it was just that weirdo from across the street and they knew where to find you.  I must say, using those oil drums as fireplaces in our fort was a stroke of brilliance.

Nowadays in the south, we have to lug up the box labeled “Winter Gear” that we haven’t used in three years and figure out if we have enough things that fit everyone that aren’t dry-rotted or filled with baby spiders.  I couldn’t even remember what a mitten was supposed to look like.

Despite the hardship of modern parenting, the snow day yesterday was beautiful, and fun, and I didn’t regret for a moment everyone being home.  That is not always the case.  And it looks like today is lining up to be another snow day here.  Anyone have any bread bags?

He says it was keeping him warm.  Makes sense to me.

Ethan says it was keeping him warm. Makes sense to me.

Beckett & I Me Mine In our super cool hats

Beckett & I Me Mine In our super cool hats


6 Responses to “The Good Ol’ Snow Days”

  1. I loved your thoughts, as I echo them. I live on the eastern shore of Maryland, and we got our first real snow yesterday. My 12 year old headed out for sledding in polyester running pants, a t shirt, short socks and tennis shoes. I had to stop him from this frigid suicide and explained proper snow attire – 2 layers of everything and a down coat! He came back 3 hours later soaked on top, but DRY on the bottom where it counts! We just got the call that school is out again tomorrow!

    • Oh my! Thank you for the chuckle. I almost let the baby just go out in his nappy and shirt because he was so insistent and wouldn’t let me get him dressed. Then, of course, he didn’t really like it all that much. I finally got to use kid snow pants I bought two years ago that still had tags on them!

  2. I love your blog I laughed out loud to your memory of snow when we where kids,made me think we were alot tougher in those days. (Swapbot)

  3. cute pictures
    love snow , love the hat.

  4. snow days are a gift from god, aren’t they?? we love them around here. this is a gorgeous post by the way, i loved it!

  5. I so totally remember those bread bags over boots!!!!!!!!! I grew up in the Northern Midwest and we had serious snow growing up. I always feel so totally disorganized and thrown off guard when we actually get snow here – it’s like, “Can’t you wear your older sister’s boots that are two sizes too big?” or “here, wear my gloves” (to my five year old)……This year we had to paw through the HUGE pile of clothes and gear on our ping-pong table. At one point, it had seemed like a good idea – de-cluttering closets and dressers. Now, it’s become the indoor mountain/clothing avalanche since our desperate “find snow clothes” attempt last week 🙂

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