And the dummy’s name is…

Zoe!  I’m guessing it’s for Gorilla Zoe, in honor of his upcoming release, right?   ‘Cause he’s beautiful and delicate, just like our dummy.  Also, I have my daughter has his autograph.  He should have been a doctor.    Anyway, thank you Beth Wood for entering this giveaway – you have won the necklace.  Send me a message with your mailing address and I will get it to you posthaste.

As for the other entries, I must admit “Legs” is my favorite, mostly because this creature has no legs and I’m a huge fan of irony from way back.   Clarabel also amuses me because I drew a picture of Clarabell the clown as a child.  It’s in my scrap book, which is nowhere near as fancy as the ones nowadays.  All we had was plain pages with yellowing tape to attach things.  It was good enough for us, it should be good enough for my kids.  If I ever get around to making one.

Busty Laru is a reference to Chesty La Rue, right?  I know it harkens back to many decades ago, but I can’t for the life of me figure out who it is.  All I can remember is a Seinfeld referencing the name when Elaine’s breasts are exposed.  I saw Julia Louise Dreyfus once at a NJ Nets NBA game.  She was adorable and pregnant, wearing overalls.

Ah, Janice – a merry widow, indeed 😉

Liz, I love the cleverness – Paulette!

I will leave it up to Bunny to select which name to use, but I will certainly let you know what she decides.  Thank you everyone for playing.  Next month, I have a t-shirt up for grabs from Naked Gringo, who happens to be someone I grew up with.  He shares my twisted sense of humor, and his designs are not for the shy.  He is just starting up his website, and he would love some ideas for new designs, so that will be the theme for the comments.  Start your creative engines, and look for it on the last Friday of March.


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