A Miracle Product

The scene:  Walmart, last night.  The detergent department (yes, it’s a whole department).

From across the crowded aisle, I hear a voice, “Mommy, here.  Here!”

Ethan comes hobbling up to me, lugging an impossibly heavy bottle.

Whether it was the angelic, smiling girl on the bottle, or some other, more subtle message that made him decide what the product was, I’ll never really know.  But he shouted to me:

“Look, Mommy!  This is for you.  It makes your children GOOD!”

It might not make your children good, but it sure was good for a laugh.yo

It might not make your children good, but it sure was good for a laugh.

“In that case, buddy, I’ll take three.”


4 Responses to “A Miracle Product”

  1. Once again, the power of advertising. And either he is developing your sense of humor already, or he has some kind of insight, eh?

  2. Love that!

  3. That’s so cute!! We don’t use fabric softener… maybe that’s my problem! *glares over at crazy kiddos*

    • Well, honestly I don’t either! In fact, I generally kinda make my own detergent (please don’t judge me; I’m weird but it’s easier than it sounds). But I’m seriously considering using it now, if it can really deliver on that sweet kid on the label.

      On second thought, though, I’m not sure I’d know what to do with a kid like that. She would probably die from lack of attention.

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