Fiber Friday Giveaway: Bunny In Disguise Mixed Media Necklace

Fresh from Bunny in Disguise over at Etsy comes this versatile mixed media necklace.  Bunny has been crafting cool pieces for a while to let off steam from her real job as a promotions manager for a local television affiliate, but this is one of her totally new, original ideas and I ADORE them.  She started clicking around Etsy and wanted to try to create something really unique, and I think she found the perfect plan.

Her mixed media pieces blend delicate but sturdy chains with ribbon and yarn for textural detail, then some kind of really fun, funky focal point.  God I just love alliteration, don’t y’all?  This one features a vintage flower earring in a bright spring yellow- green.  The beads are white and golden freshwater pearls with a few metallic glass beads for extra sparkle.  The 30 1/2 inch necklace is secured with an antiqued brass toggle clasp.

I have seen her sport some of her creations around town and I love every one of them.  You can wear these as long necklaces, doubled up as chokers, or even twined around a wrist.  Even more fun are some of the names of her Etsy items.  How could I not love a woman who makes something called the “Original Sin Necklace”??  And her blog has some great writing.  She is just getting it started and I would definitely put it on the list to watch for up-and-coming blogosphere talent.

And if a tongue in cheek reference to original sin doesn’t win you over, how about this:  her Twitter name is HolyXuxa!  Like, Holy Xuxa, Batman!  Except, Xuxa is this whack Brazilian Grammy Award Winner, television actress, singer and children’s television show host.  Apparently she was a centerfold model in Playboy, which over here might raise a few eyebrows if one were working in children’s television, but kids need hot icons too, you know, and Xuxa looks better on knee socks than that Montana kid.


Here is a photo of the necklace gracing the neck of Bunny’s busty friend who is, you guessed it – a bust.  I think we should name her.  In fact, I hereby announce the comment theme for entering this giveaway:

Name Bunny’s Bust.  Leave a comment below with your best, humorous name for a torso with no head or arms.  The comments will be locked at 8 p.m. EST Sunday March 1, and I will choose a random winner from both entries and announce it by Monday March 2 at noon.  Please only enter once, and only if you have a U.S. shipping address.  If you amuse me mightily, I might be extra kind and mention you personally, so you will get the thrill of being famous for 15 seconds.  Call me Andy Warhol Lite.  And get over to Bunny’s Etsy shop to see the other goodies she has for sale.  Happy commenting!


7 Responses to “Fiber Friday Giveaway: Bunny In Disguise Mixed Media Necklace”

  1. I’m a big Warhol fan, so I’m afraid I’d have to call you Andy Warhol Heavy. There is much more to you than there was to him. I’m saying that as a fan. And I’m not in the contest, just reflecting here.

  2. Beth Wood Says:

    I had a friend post this on her Facebook. I have to admit that is a beautiful necklace. I too am an Andy Warhol fan. I’m going a bit left field, but my suggestion is Zoe. 🙂 I will definitly be returning to your webpage in the future. 🙂

  3. Jennifer MacLeod Says:

    That lovely long neck…. being well endowed… You mention “she” has neither head nor arms, but not if she has legs. The picture posted above makes me think of a long-legged model, so how about simply, ironically and safe-for-all-ages: “Legs?”

    Pretty necklace, by the way

  4. I would name her Paulette, short for Epaulette (epaule = shoulder in French).

    Beautiful work with mixed media!!

  5. Okay, I would have to name her Clarabel for my daughter, she loves this name and with a necklace like that she must be beautiful! What talent to create such a wonderful necklace!

  6. Janice Searwar Says:

    Merry Widow

  7. Since she’s a busty bust I will call her..Busty Laru

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