All Your Sea Creatures Are Belong To Us

Sorry this Fiber Friday freak show is so late in the day.  I was up making cupcakes at seven this morning (real ones, not knitted), then I had to drive all over the damn place getting everyone where they needed to be and running to the store because we forgot something and running back home because we forgot the toy I promised to bring to Granny and Grandaddy’s for Ethan’s visit and…you get the picture.

I keep mulling over the whole geek/freak/knitting thing and wondering why so many of us are nuts about science and even darker, mysteriouser things.  I mean, would it have ever occurred to our grandmothers to knit a zombie-themed scarf?  Or an intricate coral reef (okay, crocheted, but still)?  We do seem to have a particular affection for things from the depths.  The depths of the oceans and maybe our souls.

I can’t help but wonder if we are knitting some of these oddities in reflection of our times, or if it’s simply that there are fewer needs to be met – like warmth, clothing, dishcloths – and so crafters are free to be whimsical.  And are we like the wave-particle dilemma?  Do we change our needle habits and products because, thanks to the Internet, they can be seen?

It will be interesting to see how difficult financial times affect the crafting community.  Will we go back to darning socks?  Will we be sought after because we can knit beautiful things that no one can afford to buy ready-made?  Or will we keep meeting in coffee shops, building community in an increasingly isolationist society and making funky stuff to sell on Etsy?

Just in case it’s that last thing, here are some really cool, FREE patterns for geeky stuff, and one Etsy shop that has the best ocean critters evah.

Mochimochi Blog – adorable, useless little things (except maybe the toilet paper, that might be useful)

Mammogram conversation starter

On and on and on – A Moebius capelet (it vexes me that WordPress thinks Moebius is a misspelling).

And more one-sidedness – a Klein Bottle hat.  I actually like this one better, but her patterns are written for left-handed knitters, so be aware.

For your viewing pleasure – and to remind me that I do not have enough leisure time – these fractal representations.

And finally, some cephalopods, from Hansigurumi’s Etsy shop, to occupy that coral reef that we’ll never have time to do.  Her patterns are *so* worth buying, and her creations are really beautiful.

Happy geeking.  If impact can be a verb [shudders with revulsion], then dammit, so can geek.


One Response to “All Your Sea Creatures Are Belong To Us”

  1. OMG I love the Anti-craft site!!

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