Ready, Set…Go Play

Where did it go?  The discipline, the commitment?

I’m sure forcing myself to write is no more amusing for you than it is for me, but be grateful that you don’t have a small person dumping powdered milk on the floor in retribution for the lack of attention for ten minutes.  And clinging to your leg with the starving child in Africa eyes (Disclaimer: he already ate.  A lot.  Do social service organizations read blogs?  Maybe they should.)

Or maybe you do have that – the child that needs you RIGHTTHISVERYSECONDORHEWILLSURELYDIE.

So for Therapy Thursday, which I never really meant to be a repeat item – go play.

Forget about the grocery shopping, the environment, the dishes in the dishwasher (or, if you are super lucky like me, the sink – because you don’t have a dishwasher).  Forget you need a shower and your hair is a mess.  Trust me, your kids do not care.  In fact, you can use the hair thing for a good guffaw.  Or maybe that’s just me.

Make a crazy invention.  Use up all the tape.  Write on the walls.  Seriously.  Yeah, did I not tell you I have problems?

All those messes will still be there tomorrow.

In my case, probably even longer.


One Response to “Ready, Set…Go Play”

  1. After taking my daughter to both physical therapy AND psychotherapy, I decided that you’re right, it IS Therapy Thursday. While my man is out eating steak at the Crown on his job’s tab (“work meeting”) I am brewing hazelnut coffee and preparing to sit down with my scissors and cut up the magazines you gave me. Yeah, this is fun to me, after 6 weeks in school most things feel fun. There’s a pot of spaghetti on the stove if anyone wants some. Stay out of the powdered milk.

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