And the winner is…

Number 22!  That would be Liz who knits in her research lab.  I just love down time at work, don’t you?

I’m impressed with the yarn prowess out there.  Knitting while walking a dog?  In the bathtub?  Kudos to you all!

Nicole L. and Marlene – than you for sharing.  Ahem.

And in church?  I confess, I have pulled the yarn out and fondled it, but really ladies…

I love the idea of knitting in a bar.  And at a casino.  Actually, I like the idea of doing odd things at any inappropriate time or place.  But what about the cigarette smoke?  Isn’t that a problem?

And one has to wonder if all the labor/hospital knitters are the reason for things like these and this.  WARNING:  the first link is not for the faint of heart; it contains photos of crafted naughty bits.  Can we say, “too much time on their hands”?

I thank you all for playing, and I hope you will stay tuned for more exciting adventures.  And in case that’s not enough – more free stuff.


3 Responses to “And the winner is…”

  1. Those breasts are great. They really beat the ones I have, which are made from knee-high nylons stuffed with Poly-Fil and are beginning to run. If you ever need a gift idea for me- I could use a new set of Twins. Of course, I knitted placenta would be the BEST…

  2. Only if have a little spare yarn lying around your house.


    Aren’t I so funny? 😉

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