There will be blood. And sweeping.

You remember that Christmas tree in the photo a few days ago?  It’s gone.  Well, actually, it’s halfway gone.  It is actually standing in the doorway beside me as I type.   See?

The tree, readied for burial.

The tree, readied for burial.

I have been stuck lately, and I can’t seem to get unstuck.  Maybe this will help.

Motherhood Uncensored recently wrote about having to always be on, to always have one ear cocked, so to speak, for the needs:

Where are the baby’s shoes?

Ethan is saying Mommy told him he can have this Hershey bar, can he?

I need to go to my boyfriend’s/Old Navy/karate class/work/school.  Are you ready RIGHT NOW (even though I am and she is not and  she will spend the next 39 minutes changing clothes 37 times only to end up wearing exactly what she’s wearing right now while I am wrestling my two littler ones  into the van and sitting and waiting for her while they scream)?

Let’s play cars again!

I know – I had these children.  I don’t know if that means I shouldn’t talk about how difficult it is.  Do we lose the right to seek reassurance that this rough journey is normal, just because we chose the journey ourselves?

My mother somehow managed to take time off, but she did it by being detached from us.  I hope I am not capable of that.

Anyway, about the tree.  I’m thinking it is actually helping me that the needles will all be on the floor by the time I haul it outside.  I will be forced to sweep, which is always a good thing around here.  And who knows?  Maybe I will find the baby’s shoes.


2 Responses to “There will be blood. And sweeping.”

  1. I do think we have the right to seek reassurance. We also have to suck it up and put ourselves aside a lot, and do what we need to do for our home and our kids. Moving your tree out will hopefully make you feel better. I know I don’t personally like to watch things die. Maybe throw a few other things out too, open the curtains and let in some sunshine. It’s a beautiful day.

    • Ethan tore one set of drapes down in the living room, so I have lots of sunshine pouring in. It’s super fab. And I am going to clean out the van, which should provide much blogging material.

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