Fiber Friday Yarn Giveaway!


I had no idea I was so good at marketing myself!  I expected a much smaller response, so I have decided to close this contest earlier than expected.  This way, the odds won’t be so paltry for everyone.  The contest now officially closes at noon EST February 1st.  Please remember that I cannot ship internationally, so if you do not have a U.S. mailing address, you cannot win.  Of course, you can still comment if you like.  I will use that random integer program doo-dad to generate a number, and I will announce the winner by 3 pm February 1st.  That’s tomorrow for all of you who, like me, normally have no idea what the date is.

And fear not!  There will be more giveaways coming.  I will likely stick to needle arts supplies, and I will try to highlight WAHM wares.  So if you make something beautiful for knitters and crocheters and would like some advertising for the low cost of a donated prize item, let me know!

Thank you all so much for participating, and for entertaining me.  And I do hope you’ll be back to follow me shamelessly using my dysfunction as writing fodder.  I am so relieved to find I am not the only one who hides in the bathroom, and I cannot wait to try knitting in the bathtub.

Well, here it is:  the first Fiber Friday giveaway.  I decided to donate my own handiwork to the cause and offer up this lusciously soft, hand-painted 100Purewool 3-ply yarn.  If you aren’t familiar with Purewool, they are a wonderful supplier of Uruguayan hand dyed merino and corriedale wool yarns in a variety of weights and some really fun colorways.  This was a natural three ply yarn that I hand painted in shades of eggplant, brown, maroon, orange, and some purples and blues.

It knits up beautifully, as you can see in the photo below.  It seems that when I paint yarn I always love it so much I have to keep some for myself.  This skein is worsted weight at 218 yards and 3.5 ounces.  One skein would probably do a pair of shorties (hint, hint!) or some fun baby hats and booties.  Or you could actually knit something for yourself for a change.  Be decadent.  You’re worth it.

Or maybe not, what do I know?

So here’s the scoop:  Leave me a comment telling me the weirdest place you’ve found yourself knitting or crocheting.  I’ll tell you mine:  on a bus in NYC after a day of kicking around town.  My baby was attached to my breast.  I’m a multitasker, what can I say?

And you don’t win by being the weirdest.  I already occupy that spot.

Instead, I will choose the winner from both entries by randomly drawing a name  from the empty bucket of Sam’s Club cheese balls that I finished off the other night.

I promise not to get artificial cheese powder on your yarn.

I’ll announce the winner next Friday, February 6.  Comments will close at 8 p.m. Thursday, February 5.  Please note this contest is for U.S. Shipping addresses ONLY.  Pass it on!

Sheepy Pants

Norwegian Wood Hand Painted Yarn: Sheepy Pants

Sheepy Pants in Norwegian Wood

Sheepy Pants in Norwegian Wood

If you don’t know about Sheepy Pants, go check them out.  It is absolutely the best pattern out there.  Amanda Harrington (the awesome designer) does an excellent job of explaining all the different techniques, including the kitchener stitch.


142 Responses to “Fiber Friday Yarn Giveaway!”

  1. um, i am really boring i guess. the only place i have knitted would be a coffeehouse and my sofa. wow, that sounds even more boring once i write it out. but i want yarn!! love you!

  2. I’d have to say at church. Now… before you say anything we had a knitting party to make lap blankets for the local Veterans.
    I would use the yarn to make more.
    M. Waters

  3. Well, you may ban me from the giveaway, but I am a beginner knitter. I’ve done some crocheting in the past, but like Karyn above says I must be really boring. Just knitted in my house. I would love to win this beautiful yarn…it would be such an inspiration to get me knitting some more!! Thanks for the generous giveaway.

  4. Hannah Q. Says:

    I’ve knitted on a plane and also at a Super Bowl party. I love yarn!

  5. Weirdest place knitting was in a car stuck in a snow storm with 12 inches of snow and couldn’t move.

  6. The only place outside of home I’ve knitted is at the hospital when my Mom had surgery.

  7. One of the stranger places I’ve knitted was on an airplane. I thought it was funny that they don’t allow tiny toe nail clippers on a plane but long knitting needles are a-ok.

  8. well, i’m not a knitter…i crochet. i used to crochet baby blankets during chapel hour (at our perpetual adoration chapel). that was usually from 12am to 1am saturday mornings.
    you have quite the talent. that yarn is beautiful!

  9. Not too wierd, but on a boat. My botfriend loves his houseboat but it bores me silly. If I win the yarn I will use it in mixed media necklaces.

  10. MRS.MOMMYY Says:

    strangest places at the university in the lounge

  11. I sat and knitted and learned from a better knitter last year at a couples retreat! We weren’t being with our hubbies, who were playing rough and dangerous floor hockey with the other vicious church people, lol. So there we knit.
    I’ve also knit in the exam room at the doctor’s. But I did that on purpose, because I found out that my doctor learned to knit from his wife to keep his fingers nimble for surgery. And my c-section scar thanks her for that!

  12. I regularly crocheted in the ob/gyn’s office. It got to the point that the office staff would all stop what they were doing when I came in so they could see what I was making.

  13. i have knitted at many many meetings for work…
    not too weird, but it makes the meeting better and more productive : )

  14. I am a not very interesting either. The weirdest place I’ve brought my knitting is a doctor’s waiting room. Thanks very much for the opportunity!

  15. I haven’t been knitting long enough to have any really weird places, I guess the DMV, since I think I’ve only knitted at home, at other peoples’ houses and at the DMV.

  16. My weirdest place would be at Goleta Coffee Co….not too weird!!

  17. Probably at a wedding reception! The music/DJ was so insanely loud, I took the knitting I’d packed in my pocketbook and went outside the reception hall to a lovely swing, and sat and knitted. I don’t think anyone missed me and I had a much better time without all the crazy noise.

  18. RedDaLeftyKnitter Says:

    Weirdest Place…..Hmmmmm, the parking lot of the laundromat we went to….creepy parking lot, and strange men kept staring in my car window.

    Your yarn is gorgeous btw, love the colors!

  19. Well, I am just starting to learn to knit, so I haven’t done it in any odd places yet, but that’s why I want to learn because you can take it with you! LOL!
    jinglesells at gmail dot com

  20. I haven’t knit too many places, but one place everyone else thinks is weird is at movie theaters. I don’t know why it bugs people, since I’m looking at the screen just as much as they are! And I use wood needles, so they don’t click much.

  21. I’ve knit in a few weird places. One of them is a dorm bathroom (yes, I am completely aware of how disgusting this is, but it made sense at the time). Another one of them is in a reallllly long line while waiting to vote (for the first time) in the latest presidential election. The strangest place of them all, however, was on the bleachers at my high school. We had to evacuate the building because of a “bomb scare” (read: it was a nice day outside and one of my dumb classmates thought it would be a great idea to call in a threat – from his cellphone – this was the third “threat” within a few weeks, if there was any real danger, I wouldn’t have been knitting) and I had a shrug that I needed to finish for my friend. I knit in public – the middle of my college campus, in my high school cafeteria and library, in my senior AP Environmental Science class (after the AP exam), in line waiting for a table at dinner to open up; I love to keep occupied and see all of the other knitters and crocheters of the world open up and start KIP too.

  22. The weirdest place I’ve probably knit is in my research lab. I had to update the software on our computers in our lab and what better way to kill time than knit!

  23. My weirdest place to crochet was at Harrah’s casino in Atlantic City, NJ while waiting for my Mom to finish up with the penny slot machines. I just chilled on the stool for the machine next to her and worked away!

  24. Kelly R. Says:

    Beauuuuutiful yarn!

    I have crocheted on the DC Metro (subway), I have knitted behind the desk while working at the library, and I’ve also knitted in a 200-year-old house, dressed in colonial clothes, to show different ways of working with freshly-spun yarn.

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  25. Weirdest/oddest, last week, at the casino in Vegas(venetian) while waiting for the 8 deck manual shuffle to be done at my blakcjack table, worked a few rounds on a sock.

  26. On the potty when I had a tummy problem. lol

  27. Nicole L. Says:

    I’ve been taking that alli lately and lets just say the weirdest place I knit is in my bathroom. Its the only place I can get peace and quite from my screaming 9 mth old. hehehe I love her but the headaches never stop….. Bathroom here I come!!!

  28. What a fun topic for a giveaway! I’m trying to decide between a bus trip (with a bunch of steadily drinking soccer fans) to DC for the MLS Cup or cuddled up in my sleeping bag with my headlamp in front of the fire when the power went out during the ice storm in December. “Home” may not be a weird place, but it was certainly an interesting circumstance!

  29. LilChickadee Says:

    The weirdest place? Definitely the recovery room after one of my surgeries (I’m serious – just ask my dad). I don’t think I’ve ever seen the recovery room nurses with their mouths hanging open like that before! 🙂

  30. Well they aren’t weird just not really the right time to be knitting. 1 was at a dinner party one of my sisters was hosting. The 2nd time I was knitting at another sisters Pre-Nup dinner.

  31. People always think it’s weird to see me knitting at hockey games – while the puck is in play. I figure I don’t need to look at my hands, they might as well be doing something useful!

    I’ve also knit while waiting for family at Mesa Verde National Monument (while trying to convince a raven to drop a feather for me to knit into the piece – he didn’t oblige me) – between the knitting, the attempt at conversation with a raven, and the dancing barefoot in the summer thunderstorm, I got some really weird looks. Heh.

  32. In the bathroom while potty training my daughter?

    at the airport, in the car, on a city bus, on a street bench, Various hotel lobbies, dr. offices, hospital waiting rooms, while in labor (yes, i really did this) with my 2nd kid.

  33. In Denali Park in a vistors center that was really just a big tent almost 90 miles from the park entrance. One of the most spectacular views to knit by too! I bing knitting everywhere. I’m not shy.

  34. I knit everywhere – the car, in the airplane, the airport, coffee shops, doctors office etc.

    The most unusual place (I wouldn’t call it weird) were multiple music stores (guitar center is one of them) when my husband was playing with guitars and couldn’t decide what to buy and also during a conference last year I was knitting through all the sessions (excluding the one I was presenting) and finished a pair of socks. I also knitting at High School soccer matches from the sidelines (my husband is the coach)

  35. Weirdest place would be knitting a soaker wrap while surrounded by people in (good, solid) Middle Ages clothing while wearing entirely handsewn 16th century silk clothing, with my skirts spread out so that the baby can nap while I sit on the ground, talk, and knit.

    She’s still in the soaker and I still have the memories of that day! 🙂

  36. I’ve knitted at the service station while getting snow tires put on, and at a Christmas party (hey, that way I didn’t have to talk to the creepy Uncle and the ever-dramatic Aunt!)

  37. I don’t consider it weird, but I know other people do. I knit on a deserted island. My husband and I went to Turks & Caicos on vacation last year and we went on a “spend the day on a deserted island” side trip. My husband played in the sand and I knit. It wasn’t as much fun as I thought it would be, but I did get quite a bit of knitting done.

  38. i took my sibs to diary queen and knit on the playground. got a lot of strange looks (i was making a sparkly scarf!). don’t know why, is knitting really that weird???

  39. I knitted in line at my polling place on Election Day. For some reason my boyfriend was mortified and pretended he didn’t know me.

  40. i don’t knit but i’d like to win this for my daughter!!

  41. In the delivery room.

    Also, sitting on the (closed) toilet when my kids were little, while they sat in the bathtub.

  42. Not too weird, but I knit constantly on the train and subway- whether I get a seat or not. Also while walking through the train station or while waiting for a train. Come to think of it, I am probably not the most popular person going through the train station 🙂

  43. La Verna Says:

    I don’t know about weird places I have knit.I knit almost everywhere I go.I have probably snuck in a stitch or two on the potty.Still trying to figure out a way to knit in the bath.
    Great contest!

  44. During the drive through Nativity this last Christmas (DH was driving). I really had to get those gifts done.

  45. I work at a radiation therapy center; not too long ago there was a tornado warning and they herded all of us into one of the treatment rooms. I sat on the treatment table and worked on a sock. We were in there for about 30 minutes and quite a bit of knitting.

  46. The wierdest places I’ve crocheted are in the exam room at my doctor’s office and on rides at Disneyland.

  47. I guess I don’t really crochet in weird places, but I have done it in the car and at my sister’s Christmas recital.

  48. Not really too weird, but I knit on the beach.

  49. I’ve actually knitted on the beach, and stupid me was working on a wool shawl in the heat. But I really wanted it finished by fall, and it was a complicated pattern that took a while to finish.

  50. I have knitted in my bath tub and in the waiting room at the doctors office waiting for them to stick me in the butt with a needle(for my birth control), I was knitting a baby blanket!

  51. I’ve crocheted while at the doctor’s office, on a road trip to another state, and at a family reunion 🙂

    The yarn is absolutely lovely. Thanks for the chance to win.

  52. I knitted at a square dance recently. I wasn’t dancing, though, that would have been weirder. 🙂 I was on the sidelines and it was much better to have knitting to look down at rather than trying to keep my eyes on the dancers. My husband tried to take photos and ended up dizzy!

    Your yarn is so beautiful! I feel honored to have a chance to win it!

  53. I haven’t been knitting for long, but I would say the strangest place was in the waiting room of the gynecologists office.

  54. I’ll post for my dear wife here: While she is a crocheting goddes, I can safely say that the weirdest place is probably at a homeschool convention. Wierdest hour for crocheting however…. 🙂

  55. I’ve never knitted or crocheted, so I guess this would be my opportunity! Thank you so much for something so inspiring!

  56. At a restaurant waiting for my food to come.

    Love your yarn. It’s so lovely. Hope I win.


  57. I’ve knit in the bathtub before. Very relaxing….and definitely the strangest place I’ve knit. Only dishcloths though…..I’m not too fussed if they get wet while I work on them! LOL

  58. On a road trip. I guess I’m not that weird!

  59. Beautiful:)
    Thanks for entering me.

    The weirdest place I ever knit? The library? Tae Kwon Do class? Swimming lessons? hmmmmm

  60. dorothy l Says:

    in the car

  61. MarissaFH Says:

    Weirdest place I’ve crocheted … the bathroom! Only place I could get some uninterrupted peace and quiet to figure out a stitch and pattern! It didn’t last long, but it was left alone long enough …. LOL !
    Otherwise, it’s the usual places … sofa, bed, car trips and commutes …
    Nice yarn to add to the stash!

  62. I like to knit outside, hike somewhere and stop by a creek and knit.

  63. i actually don’t know how to knit *yet*, but i hope to learn this year so i can come up with a weird spot to knit like everyone else. 😉 thanks!
    crunchydomesticgoddess AT gmail DOT com

  64. The weirdest place I ever found myself knitting was in a bar, at the bar. My husband and I were out on a date, and we were waiting for a table to open up, so we were having a beer at the bar. I realized I had my knitting in my purse, so I pulled it out and had at it. The bar tender asked me if he could snap a photo on his cell and send it to a friend, because he’d never seen anyone do that at his bar before!

  65. I’ve knitted in India! My sister is a missionary there, and we’ve been over many times to vist. 🙂 Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  66. weirdest place was at a funeral. it was stuffed in my big purse and i was in the back of the church.
    I’m having so much fun blog-hopping and making friends this year.

    Thanks for such a generous giveaway!

  67. I don’t know how weird it is, but I knit in meetings, at coffee shops and in waiting rooms.

  68. Stacy and the four rugrats Says:

    Since I am new to knitting, I will tell you the weirdest place I PLAN to knit (hopefully REALLY soon): my Labor and Delivery room! I have found that knitting is quite relaxing during contractions so I will just do a simple garter stitch over and over to calm myself 😉

  69. Kathy Tan Says:

    I often knit when I wait for my kids @ school in my car.

  70. I usually only crochet at home but before I had my kids I used to crochet at work. I was a telemarketer and I could crochet while I made calls. I know I could dish out afghan after afghan after afghan!

    THanks for hosting an awesome giveaway!

  71. I have a harder time coming up with a place I haven’t found myself crocheting! Planes, trains and automobiles…dr’s and dentist’s offices…school, church, family and friends’ homes. In bed, in a chair, standing up in the kitchen waiting for the microwave to ding. I even went through a phase where my back hurt when I would sit on the furniture, so I would sit on one of those big exercise balls and try to balance while crocheting. I suppose that’s the weirdest. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win such a beautiful prize!

  72. Flights & airports, L &D coaching my daughter, club meetings, diners, family dinners all 42 of us & I’m the only “crafty” one. The one that got me theweirdest looks was at the Indianapolis race track while waiting for DH to have his birthday gift ride in the race car (video on my blog), stop lights, waiting for train crossings ( that gets funny looks from truckers) Yeah, I’m pretty ADD about it. Really enjoy your blog

  73. Jennifer Says:

    I usually just knit or crochet at home, but I recently dragged a hat to work on to a wedding rehearsal in case there was any waiting time.

  74. I can’t knit, not for the lack of trying, but I LOVE to crochet.

    Weirdest place (And I am SO embarrassed to even admit this to anyone other than my husband who was there.):
    After getting prepped for surgery(IV inserted & etc.) and while sitting on the edge of the hospital bed with the glorious open-rumped gown crocheting away… I never even realized my rear was exposed until AFTER surgery when my hubby told me. He said he figured I was already a nervous wreck he didn’t want to add anymore stress.
    Alrigggggghhhhhtty then. Ugh!

    Your yard is gorgeous. I have never even worked with wools yet. I am a self-taught crocheter so this would be a really delightful treat for me.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win your giveaway.

  75. The weirdest place I have crocheted was in class in high school. I like your site!

  76. I don’t think the place is the weird part, but the events that happened around it. I take my knitting in the car with me when my hubby is driving cause he has a bit of road rage and it keeps me from looking up at the road and having sweaty palms. Knitting is very Zen for me so it calms me when my crazy husband is behind the wheel!!!

  77. Not too odd but I crochet at the playground following my two little ones around… Also at various homeschool outings. Lovely yarn

  78. At a show of the Old Crow Medicine Show…. : ) !

  79. Hey There!! I knit EVERYWHERE so I’m not really sure where to go with this… I’ve knit in line at the grocery store, at the doctor’s office, waiting at IHOP, in my classroom, at lunch duty, while my students are doing their EOG testing, at the pool at the Riv in Vegas (during a differentiation conference), at Starbucks, bookstores, in the car… and it goes on.

    The absolute weirdest place would have to be the bathtub. Of course I was using the knees – up and a cutting board for a barrier method… Hasn’t everyone though?

    Cheers!! – PS – It was awesome reading everyone’s comments!!

  80. I saw your trolling for weird places we’ve knitted/crocheted on the yahoo wool_soaker_group 🙂

    For me it’s a toos up – either when I was my friend’s labor coach and started crocheting some shorties for her in the delivery room.

    OR – in traffic school. I started a scarf at the beginning of the day, and was jsut finishing it up at the end of the day. The teacher was adamant about no reading books during class, but he didn’t say anything about fiberwork. I guess after he realized that I was one of the people who actually patricipated the most in class – he let me off the hook.

  81. Hi, Lovely dye up, I have only ever tried purewool once when I bought some from a destash but I love it.
    Weirdest places I have knit, I knit everywhere, whilst with my hubster having chemotherapy giving others lessons in how longies work and referring them to ravelry and Mandies sheepy pants pattern, I am on to my 26th pair-lol
    I knit whilst walking around the grocery store, whilst a passenger in a car(yes I know lots do that) Whilst breastfeeding, whilst out for a walk, whilst in labour, anywhere my hands are free I am happy to try knitting, the only place I dont knit is at church as I would not like to offend anyone and besides with all the little ones I am busy keeping them happy anyway-lol
    I can knit a pair of xl sheepy pants shorties in 1 chemo trip at the hospital :0)
    Great blog by the way and great tatse in woollie patterns
    Love Mel

  82. I hope this doesn’t disquelify me but I don’t knit; I crochet!! That being said, the weirdest place I’ve ever crochet is on the bus. I’ve been crochetting since I was six yo. I used to crochet on the bus on the way to school all through elementary and middle school. The bus rides were long and I felt like I was wasting time. And so I would crochet! LOL!

    Crossing my fingers to win your beautiful yarn!!

  83. evenchopstickscanknit Says:

    I have knit just about everywhere also. In line, at a funeral (sorry Aunt Millie), in the bathroom, at the doctor’s, in the car (while driving and while a passenger) just so you know, I wait for the red lights! At friends houses, at LYS, at the mall, in the fitting rooms waiting for teenaged daughters… the list is endless.

    Oh yes, perhaps the most odd, waiting to see the judge at our recent bankruptcy hearing!

  84. The weirdest place I have found myself knitting? A bench at Costco outside of the tire center. This was also the first thing I ever knit. I had just taken my first class that morning & knew if I put it down, I might forget how I was supposed to do it : )
    I got some weird looks, but in the end I had a very cute scarf!

  85. I’ve knitted in the vets office/waiting room while my daughter took her pet rat in to have his bulging eye looked at. I don’t know if that qualifies as weird but it’s all I’ve got. 🙂
    The yarn is lovely and I love the sheepy pants pattern!
    Thanks for the giveaway!
    cokelush at gmail

  86. The weirdest place I’ve knit was at a Wilco show. I brought the sock in progress along so I could knit before the show and in between the opening act and Wilco. I hadn’t planned on knitting *during* the show, but I dropped several stitches when I took the sock out during the show so I could take a picture of the sock and Wilco rockin’ out. I was able to snap pics of the sock on stage, with fans, with Wilco’s sound engineers and lighting guys, in front of the tour buses, with (ahem) security guards, and with the lead singer, Jeff Tweedy, and my daughter. Jeff was really impressed with the knitting…especially when I explained that it was going to turn into a sock.

  87. Hi, I did it in my BOCES class, study hall, bedroom, library. There were probably others, but that was many years ago in high school. I made a 10 foot long Dr Who scarf. It was my first project. I’ve done other smaller projects, but nothing complicated. I was considering knitting a pair of soakers for my 14 month old. I hope I’m not being to ambitious, my skills are rusty. Thank you, I really enjoyed reading everybodys posts.

  88. Hello! I got here from the wool soaker group. I can second the comment that sheepy pants are AWESOME. I’m 7 months pregnant with my first boy and I’ve made like 8 of them! And I have a one year old girl and have the sheepy skirt pattern. I love that too.

    Um… the weirdest place I’ve knit? Most of the time it’s parked in my chair in front of the TV these days! But I’ve done it in church meetings, on planes, and sitting in the front yard watching my daughter play 🙂

  89. in the doctors office waiting room

  90. I crochet and I’ve pretty much crocheted everywhere, during class, watching t.v. at work shhh etc.

  91. At my Auntie’s death bed. It kept me focused and calm.

  92. I knit in a lot of odd places. Some of the oddest are the Racquetball Junior Olympics, at the top of Rigi Kulm (swiss alp), on the cog wheel railroad up to Rigi, and in an airplane over Greenland and Iceland. I always take socks to knit when we fly. There is always a little boy walking the aisles who checks to see if I can finish the sock before the plane lands! Since most are transcontinental I usually manage to finish one. I even got out my knitting at Disneyworld last year.

    Fun set of stories. Thanks.


  93. I think the weirdest place was when I was a lot younger, I would crochet at recess. As I have gotten older, I have gotten a lot less adventurous, or just a lot more busy. 🙂

  94. when I was in the 6th grade and had just learned how to knit me and my friend (because we weren’t allowed to knit at school) would hide under something that looked like a metal bowl made of wires upside down. other than that’s it’s car, class, playground (watching my kids not hiding.)

  95. I haven’t knitted anywhere weird… How sad.. Unless sitting on the floor in your bedroom to knit is weird. I don’t think that is weird.


  96. I’ve crocheted on the beach before!

  97. The strangest place I have knit is out in the backyard, at midnight, tending the woodstove while boiling maple sap into maple syrup, in boots and heavy coat, in Minnesota in March, 25 degrees outside, using a headlight for my knitting light…..WHILE PREGNANT.

  98. Morgan Holt Says:

    The yarn is BEAUTIFUL! I’d love to test out my skills on a pair of those Sheepy Pants. They look great!

    Oh, wait, and I haven’t knit anywhere too weird, yet, but I’m game for anything…

  99. OK, I don’t know if this is strange enough, but when my twins were born 10 weeks early, I was knitting soakers in the NICU. I can’t tell you how many times I had to explain what I was knitting and how it all worked!

    Thanks for the chance…the yarn is beautiful!

  100. I haven’t knit anywhere really strange – at the doctor’s office and in the car. It sure makes the 900 mile trip to my parents’ house go faster!

    The yarn is beautiful!

  101. Knitting in a tent in the dark. That’s the strangest place for me. Waiting for my baby to nurse to sleep when we’re camping, I feel compelled to keep my fingers busy since I’m wide awake.

    Beautiful yarn, btw.
    I’d love to knit it up!
    Los Angeles

    I forgot to say I like knitting while walking. It’s rhythmic and therapeutic. Plus, it usually freaks people out, and makes me laugh. Sometimes you can even put the yarn around your wrist, like a bracelet, freeing up your elbows for a more natural gait.

    Thanks again! This is fun!!

  102. Well, I’m not sure if it’s weird, but I’ve knit at the shuttle stop. I got some strange looks, but I don’t think that’s too weird.

  103. In a waiting room. If I know I am going to have to sit somehwere for a few minutes I always bring it with me.

  104. This probably isn’t very weird, but I knit at my children’s sporting events and classes.

  105. Behind the counter, working as a car rental agent at an airport

  106. I’ve crocheted on an interstate Amtrak trip!

  107. I wish I knew how to knit but I taught myself how to crochet during my past pregnancy. I brought it with me everywhere, the car, at my daughter’s school, the doctor’s, the mall, chick-fil-a, and when my contractions were mild during labor and delivery 🙂

  108. no place really weird, at home, at doctors offices, sitting in the van waiting on kids, on an airplane, in Germany on a trip…thanks!!! Beautiful yarn!

  109. My weirdest palce would be in the hospital after having my c-section with my last baby. It was actually crocheting. I was crocheting beads on socks and one of the nusres thought that it was so neat that I would do that for my baby, that she brought in all the bedspread yarn she had and gave it to me.

    BTW I love hand painted yarn!

  110. Kristina Says:

    I usually crochet in my living room, but when I had to stay off my feet while pregnant with my youngest(6yrs. ago) i crocheted in bed. It was quite borring

  111. I am the world’s worst knitter but I do enhoy doing it. I have knitted at home and on the plane.

  112. okathleen Says:

    What do you think about left handed knitting?

  113. I take my knitting everywhere….I tend to be pretty boring. Actually one time a bunch of us met to craft at a photography studio! Other than that my car, hotel, dr’s office. Thanks for the chance.

  114. I don’t knit or crochet, my mom does and I would love to win this for my mom. She seems to crochet everywhere.

    =) melanie
    melanieadey at hotmail dot com

  115. Blair Conger Says:

    I have knit following behind (on foot) my daughter on her horse. I am afraid of horses so the knitting keeps me calm. I have knit standing in line, in labor rooms, on planes, waiting in restaurants but my goal is to knit well enough to knit at the movies!

  116. Jennifer Says:

    Ugh. I went to your etsy shop to see if there were skeins available just to buy b/c I LOVE the way this looks knit up, and seriously, what are the chances of winning?… but it looks like I have to comment! 😉

    The weirdest place? I don’t know… what constitutes weird? I knit or crochet everywhere. I guess the one that comes to mind is that a couple of years ago knit-in-public day fell on a weekend I was very pregnant and out camping. I sat outside my tent and knit. I don’t know that it was really “public” since no one was there to see it (if a woman knits in the woods and there’s no one there to hear it… 🙂 but I did my best!

  117. The weirdest place I have knitted is in the car, in the hospital, in a doctors office and on a airplane. I love all kinds of yarn but I guess i don’t knit in many different places that are exciting.

  118. I take my knitting just about everywhere. The weirdest is probably in the dentist’s chair during a cleaning. The dentist and her assistant were amazed that I didn’t have to look at the work to do it–it was plain stocking stitch knit in the round, so it was easy to do.

  119. I knit while out walking the dog.


  120. Pat Martorella Says:

    Your yarn looks so very nice and who wouldn’t luv to have some of that so I’m entering. I guess on the back porch, I know not too wierd a place but I coukldnt think of anything else.Please enter me and thank you!

  121. Like a lot of others, I knit any and everywhere. I knit during chiropractic adjustments, in Costco, in the tub. Not so weird, I guess.

  122. I love to take my knitting with me. I have been seen knitting in airports, waiting rooms, road trips, and while I have long incubations on late nights at work.

  123. It is a toss up between during labor at the hospital recently or during church service lol. I help with the sound (when I’m not on stage singing) and really needed this project finished.. I was paying attention I promise! Of course I knit sometimes during Sunday school class for the Teens my husband teaches. :p

  124. I am new to knitting…so the only place I have knitted is at home…I am afraid someone will ask me what I am making…;O]~most of the time it starts out as one thing and ends up as something else. lol

  125. Christine Anderson Says:

    I knitted on a mountain top in Greece! It was a blast–very zen.

  126. Like many others, I can’t think of a ‘weirdest’ place, because I knit EVERYWHERE! A strange one was one day while I was driving to work I got stuck in a terrible traffic jam due to an accident, and since I was not going anywhere, I just put my car in park, grabbed my knitting bag, and worked away on a pair of socks. I was probably the most relaxed person in rush hour that morning!

  127. In a plane. Perfect to pass time. Thank you for the giveaway.

  128. On a 19 ft fishing boat. I was bored. 🙂

    Am I too late?

  129. In line and all around DISNEYLAND! Yes I know it’s the happiest place on earth, but the lines on Jan 1 were terrible! and I’m prego so I couldn’t go on any of the fun rides anyway, so I pulled out my bag and finished a soaker and started a new one! Not bad for a day’s wait.

  130. The weirdest place I’ve ever knitted is in front of the TV. I just don’t knit outside of my home and I like to be focused. Sorry it isn’t much!

  131. I’m pretty new to crocheting so the weirdest spot so far is in my car while waiting for my daughter to get out of preschool. I even ball most of my yarn there as well (I often get weird looks as people are walking by wondering what the heck I’m doing… lol).

  132. i tried to knit and drive… it did’t work, i have been known to sit in the car when the kids are asleep and knit till they wakeup. i have knit in checkoutlines

  133. Jennifer G. Says:

    The weirdest place I have knitted is in the car. I knit pretty much anywhere that I am sitting down (waiting rooms, hospitals, relative’s homes, etc.). But I really don’t go to too many places. Thanks for having this contest. Your blog is great!

  134. hmmm, the oddest place I have knitted or crocheted? Well now that needles could be considered dangerous the airplace is becoming an odd place…

    no, I’d have to say it was when I set up a tent on campus to help with a recycling campaign. YES, knitting while camped out on a tent on campus.

    Thank you so much for holding this contest, and good luck to all of the entrants!

  135. Jennifer Barr Says:

    I only crochet at home.

  136. In the subway is the weirdest, standing up, shoulder to shoulder… an the other passengers giving me nasty looks…

  137. T Henderson Says:

    The weirest place was in a German hospital. I was stuck in a bed with only German TV. What else was I to do?

  138. Ooh what fun yarn. I have knitted a ton of places but I can’t think of one that is terribly weird. But here are some of the spots I have knitted or crocheted: In Bible college, traveling, in a courtroom, camping, in an airplane, while playing games, oh you know just about everywhere. I did a lot of it while breastfeeding too but not while on a bus.

  139. I would have to say in either the library or the doctor’s office. Neither is very strange, but I’m not that interesting, either! 🙂

  140. on the floor in the bathroom (we were potty training and she would sit for a long time!!)
    Now when my husband was stationed in europe for a few months I would knit, read a book and watch tv (I read during commercials) while sitting on the couch. It drove my roommate crazy, she couldn’t believe I could do all three at once

  141. […] bookmarks tagged friday night knitting club Fiber Friday Yarn Giveaway! « Barely Knit Togethe… saved by 5 others     PitylessEnvy bookmarked on 02/01/09 | […]

  142. Heather – I copied the comment you left on the CYA post. I figured you were trying to enter the contest and I didn’t want you left out 🙂

    “i tried to knit and drive… it didn’t work. so now i sit inthe driverseat when the kids are sleeping when we get home. i have been known to knit in the checkout line.”

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