As much as I hate to cause conflict, I just really can’t let this day go by without saying something divisive.

I don’t want to do it.

I feel compelled, and I have been mulling this over quite a bit today.  I am not even sure I have all the details worked out.  But I’m forging ahead anyway.

I feel the power of what happened today.  Even though I really do not agree with President Obama’s stance on many issues.  Even though we are just about as far apart politically as you can get in this country.  And I made public my feeling that today is an incredible thing to be alive to see no matter who you voted for – the inauguration of this gifted man who happens to be black.

You see, I get to say that.  I get to say, “I don’t see color.”  Because my family history is not fraught with abuse and pain.  My ancestors chose where they wanted to live and were allowed to make opportunities that were denied to others, often violently.  Perhaps they saw some small slights – they were Italian, and not always looked at so highly.  But nothing, NOTHING like African Americans have seen in this country.

I have it pretty good.  And I have seen others burdened with a history that I cannot imagine climbing out from under.

I can divide my feelings on politics and human-ness.  I think at times we need to remember that there is no greater commandment than to love our neighbors, no matter who they are.  Politics, I’m pretty sure, end somewhere before the grave.

I think it would be wonderful if today could have been just another man becoming leader of the free world.  But most people do still see color, whether they are brave enough to admit it or not.  And so today was a triumph.

For it’s not so much about seeing the varied shades of humanity.  It’s about believing they’re not what matters.


5 Responses to “Luxury”

  1. beautifully said Jennifer. i have a friend who voted on the Democrat ticket for the first time this presidential election. he sent me an email that was really powerful – he was annoyed with the pundits and their comments about all that Obama was going to do. his response was, “It is not “what HE will do as president, it is what he will inspire US to do as Americans or Human Beings. Great leaders don’t perform great tasks, they display the leadership that people crave that causes People to act in great ways.” this friend happens to be hawaiian, dutch, catholic turned muslim and a member of the armed services. history was made yesterday on many levels.

  2. Yes, it would be wonderful if this were just another man being sworn in as President – but someday it will be that way. This was just another step in that direction.

  3. “I get to say, “I don’t see color.” Because my family history is not fraught with abuse and pain.”

    Word. I hate hearing white folks say they’re ‘colorblind’ because 1. they’re lying and 2. that point of view is absolutely rooted in a position of privilege.

    Great post, though now I’m curious about on what issues you find yourself in opposition to the president’s views.

    • Hey you! Thanks for the comment. I’ve been enjoying your blog. I’m just a believer in small government. I kind of think that government does a lousy job of things (well, maybe it’s just people in general, but government goes above and beyond in inefficiency, waste, and just plain suckiness). I consider myself a libertarian. So that puts me at odds with a lot of President Obama’s plans. But you know what? I don’t know that anyone could stop this train wreck. I’m just waiting to see.
      That said, it was kind of unlike me to post that. I don’t want to be a political blog and I’m not good at handling flaming, you know? I’m trying on my super hero persona, to see if she can hack it as a blogger. No pun intended. See you around 🙂

  4. […] are republican, some democrat, some are Gemini and some couldn’t care less.  I have dared post on political things only once, and I sort of hedged my bets by not stating my position […]

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