High Hopes

I was just asked if the bean extravaganza was worth it. I have to say, I kinda think so, even though the baby kept crying because they were hurting his feet this morning (could this be classified as torture?), so I swept them up at which point the four year old came in. And dumped them back on the floor.

And then there’s the “invention.” This was the other thing going on while I blogged last night.

The Invention

The Invention

The Invention Phase II

The Invention Phase II

Yes, those are sweet potatoes.  Yes, my toaster is covered with stickers.  Such is the price of ten minutes of keyboard time.

My hope is that my offspring will one day use their, erm, unusual upbringing to bring laughter to the world.  I’m thinking along the comic-genius-lines of Amy and David Sedaris.  Who says dysfunction has to be bad?


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  1. […] places and having me look for it every day.  The string is the remnant of an invention.  No, not the invention, but something similar.  The great big circle is the to-do pile of sewing and paper crafting and […]

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