Ugh.  I finally found a suitable replacement for MySpace, where some *cough* obsessional *cough* issues with jealousy were seriously cramping my style, and then I hear Facebook keeps deleting photos of breastfeeding women with their babies.


Oh yeah, I forgot.  Breasts are the puritanical equivalent of the way HAIR is in some cultures, which I will not name in the interest of judiciousness.  And y’all know I’m nothing if not sensitive and careful with my speech.

Anyway, since men are apparently unable to control themselves in the presence of HAIR or NIPPLES, we must suffer the consequences of posting such photos.  Of course, maybe universal health care will cover Brazilians, and, I don’t know – nipple melanin removal?

As soon as I have a solution to this problem, I will be sure to let you know.

But I will say this:

If you don’t like to see women breastfeeding their babies?  STOP LOOKING!

And for your viewing pleasure, this guy has a healthy attitude about nipples (how refreshing).


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