One G, Yo

I have hit the magical (to me, anyway) number of 1000 page views of this here blog.  One thousand.  What that means, really, is that four of my friends have each viewed it 249 times, and four people found it by searching for things.

For example:

“guide to parties for the socially retard”

“barely on pot roast”

“knitted placenta”

and “i need a hole in my head”

Kinda makes you wonder, doesn’t it?  I mean, about me.

Anyway, what I wanted to say is this:  Thank you.  Whether you are a stranger or friend, I am deeply grateful for, and often puzzled and amused by, you wanting to read my story.  So because of you,  to the best of my ability, I will continue to write it.  One little piece at a time.


One Response to “One G, Yo”

  1. Must be a WordPress thing, b/c I Have no earthly idea how many visits my blog has had. Congrats.

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