Male-Female Relations in a Nutshell

Conversation I had with  four year old E. upon his receipt of an invitation to a (girl) classmate’s birthday party:

E:  Why did she invite me?

Me:  Because you’re her friend.

E:  No I’m not.  Well, I kind of am.  But when Adam and Jack want me, I’m kinda not.  But when she wants me…

I go to her.


2 Responses to “Male-Female Relations in a Nutshell”

  1. Ok; this is totally fodder for Readers Digest! and I think they still pay about a hundred bucks for stuff by kids like this! Honey this is a ‘Humdinger” — I even think “GQ” would print it — and Playboy! It is SOOOO true that even the good ole boy hunting and fishing magazines would pay for this! Heck – start his college fund with the money you make from the publishing checks!!!! Enjoy this little guy — he reminds me of my own not-so-little guy (38 now).

  2. […] Male Female Relations in a Nutshell […]

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