Alphabet Soup

I am afflicted.  I suffer from an assortment of letters that include: ACDBPODDD. In no particular order. I’m sure if I was feeling attentive or ambitious I could cobble together a word from all those letters, but I think there are too many disorders and not enough vowels.  If I include those maladies belonging to my children, well then. Now we’re getting somewhere.  ASDADHD and, for good measure, Tourette’s syndrome.  I am not particularly fond of advertising my children’s issues, but from the anonymity of them internets I feel fairly safe in discussing them.

The reason I bring them up at all is that a friend,  in response to my observation of the brain being capable of going haywire in so very many ways, said he is surprised it isn’t even worse.  That the brain is so complex, a multitude of little things in it could go awry…and usually don’t!    So when viewed from that stance – that things could be much worse – my family’s alphabetic quirkiness seems just a tiny bit easier to bear.


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