Wooly Goodness Everywhere

I have declared Fridays “Fiber Fridays,” and in keeping with that theme I wish to point you in the direction of this lady, who is a master at finding great sweaters to use for all kinds of projects.  I am envious of her scavenging abilities, but it seems she lives in a bigger area than I so maybe it’s easier.  Her blog includes adorable projects she’s made for herself and her family, and my hat is off to her.  She hand sews some of them!

I have been in a sewing frenzy, and I can’t seem to keep things in my shop (actually, shops) very long.  The more I search etsy, the more ideas I get and the more strongly I believe we should not be making very many “new” things when there is so much incredible fabric languishing in thrift stores.  Last night I walked away with five, FIVE cashmere sweaters and one gorgeous silk blouse destined for I-don’t-know-what yet.

This time of year, when the catalogs start pouring in, I start to feel even more disgust for our throw-away culture.  It’s not that I don’t ever buy new.  I am known to attack Old Navy to buy $1.49 shirts for my kids.  But that’s just it – they can really sell those things for $1.49?  What are they made of, that cornstarch stuff like packing peanuts?  Will they dissolve in water?

(stepping down from soapbox)

Anyway, I would just encourage you to think outside the box store this year.  Think a whole sweater’s worth of incredibly scrumptious yarn that costs $3.50 because it’s from a Goodwill sweater.  Think decadent pillows made from silk blouses.  Think sweet stuffed toys that don’t contain phthalates or lead paint.

I’m no enviro-freak. I like to think I’m practical and logical (when it comes to this, anyway).  And this year, I am keeping it simple. I’m keeping it handmade.

Disclaimer:  Yes, I understand that we need to pump money into our economy right now more than ever. I am, after all, a capitalist at heart.  That discussion, however,  is beyond the scope of this blog, although that might not keep me from posting about it later anyway.


3 Responses to “Wooly Goodness Everywhere”

  1. She gave you a nice little spot on her site! It took me a minute realize it, and then of course I recognized your shawl model. Good job lately of getting yourself out there. I put a few more cards on Etsy today, just for the hell of it.

  2. lookingforlifeshumor Says:

    are you into felted wool at all? I am learning…

  3. Indeed, I am into felt! I use discarded sweaters, thrift store sweaters and other stuff to make things, plus I have been making nuno or laminated felt lately. Fun fun and oh so addictive.

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