Like I Need Another Hole in My Head…

Another hobby. Yes indeedy, that’s what I have found. Instead of figuring out where to bring my son for the therapy he needs, or addressing the fact that my daughter skipped two classes yesterday, I decided to make nuno felt. Because, you know, nothing says “good mother” like using craftastic sublimation.

But seriously – the whole rolling / felting process is grueling and makes a great outlet for anger, tension and fear, all while giving me kickass sculpted shoulders. What could be better than that? Of course, I just started doing this, so the sculpted shoulders aren’t quite visible beneath the layers of fat yet, but give me time! As with anything else, I intend to go balls out full speed ahead with this for a while then peter out and replace it with another void-filling obsession activity.

I found this simple felt making tutorial on flickr and adapted it to my own needs. It works beautifully, and is not as imprecise as I thought it might be. My results were lovely (this was the neighborhood ladies’ consensus), as you can see here. I am amazed at the possibilities – with some flimsy silk gauze from Dharma Trading and roving from our own Sedalia Center Fiber Festival I dyed and manipulated until I had this colorful piece. The wonders of modern technology.


One Response to “Like I Need Another Hole in My Head…”

  1. Maybe you could go to my daughter’s psychiatric facility and teach this as a coping mechanism? They are always looking for those and snapping crayons into pieces seems so much less productive.

    At least the people who know us personally know that we are slightly less horrible than we seem here on the blog page.

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