Sometimes It’s Just About the Deadline

I have my first public reading Saturday.  I had chosen a piece of short fiction that I wrote, but my Mate indicated it might be too graphic for a mixed audience.  It’s not bad, really.  His limits are just, well…limiting. But I looked at it and thought about reading it out loud, in front of people I can actually see, and I’m not so sure anymore.

Me: “But I won’t be able to revise it in time and I wanted to read it and I don’t have anything else ready but poetry and that’s too short!”

He: “So you’re telling me you can’t work within a deadline?  Isn’t that what writers do?  How are you going to do this for a living if you can’t make deadlines?”

Dammit.  He played upon my stubborn bone, so now I am busy trying to fix it (part of the reason for this lame post).  It’s not that I’m against reworking something.  It’s more a question of uncertainty.  Is it too bold?  Is it inappropriate?  I guess that depends upon the audience.  I have certainly seen much more explicit sex in “Best Short Stories of” compilations. But this is me, and I am not shy, but rather fiery and opinionated without the self-esteem to do much with it. I will be near to throwing up when I get up to read to those people, do I really need the added hassle of reading something sexy?  Or should I be true to the story?

I think I might leave it, with only minor changes. I do want to be memorable; maybe I won’t need that gorilla suit after all.


One Response to “Sometimes It’s Just About the Deadline”

  1. It’s LC. You can say whatever you want. I used to go to their readings quite a lot when my man was the Big Writer on Campus.

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